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Health-care costs spark government action

By Sydney Stokoe

Go ahead, punch yourself in the teeth. Sure it doesn’t sound like a great plan, but this guy here is your friend, and if he says you should punch yourself in the teeth, then it can’t be all bad. Right? Despite the nagging suspicion that punching your own teeth out is probably a bad plan,… Continue reading Health-care costs spark government action

Google street view versus the thrill of discovery

By Sydney Stokoe

Once upon a time, before dash mounted GPS, before the advent of Map Quest and Google Maps, before the Internet, travelling to a new place had an extra adventure attached to it. How were you going to get there? What would it be like? It was mysterious. It was exciting. It evoked all sorts of… Continue reading Google street view versus the thrill of discovery

Rejecting dialogue

By Sydney Stokoe

The long-standing feud between Greenpeace and various governing bodies can be traced through a considerable history of finger pointing and nose thumbing. Greenpeace has been challenging government environmental policies for decades. Alberta — with it’s less-than-environmentally-friendly oil industry — has been a popular focus for the organization. The most recent example of Greenpeace’s displeasure with… Continue reading Rejecting dialogue

Spun: The Wheat Pool

By Sydney Stokoe

Hauntario, the second album from Edmonton quartet The Wheat Pool, is a teaspoon of country and a dash of alternative, with a healthy dose of crooning love songs and nostalgia. Their indie-folk poetry certainly won’t wake you up on a Monday morning, but it delivers a bit of a kick to your heart and soul.… Continue reading Spun: The Wheat Pool

Old man Pete’s bouldering competition

The University of Calgary outdoor centre hosted a bouldering tournament on Nov. 19 called “Old Man Pete’s Bouldering Competition,” named after a living bouldering legend. Climber Corey Im [shown] placed fifth in the men’s expert category. Congratulations to former photo editor Sydney Stokoe, who placed first in the women’s intermediate category.