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Pablo, honey?

By Gunner Calhoon

The Gauntlet Tier 2 elections took place Wed., March 20. As per usual, there was a hand grenade thrown square at the crotch of democracy."None of the races were even contested," said an obviously drunk Editor-in-Chief-elect Kris Kotarski, who swept to victory two weeks before. "These bastards didn’t even have to campaign.""What are we, the… Continue reading Pablo, honey?


By Valen Zha

In an orgy of drinking, celebration and congratulatory cheer, the Gauntlet staff consumed a record $970 worth of booze and nachos on its annual election night."You guys drank us $30 short of a thousand dollars," said incoming Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "What were you guys thinking and why was I sober?"For reasons unexplained, both Kotarski and… Continue reading FUBAR

Reaction on Campus

p>Credits: Concept and Layout by Kris Kotarski, Michael Leung, Ruth Davenport and Lawrence Bailey. U of C photos by Вen Li, Kris Kotarski, Lawrence Bailey and Aaron Whitfield. Many thanks to the Columbia Spectator in New York and the George Washington Hatchet in Washington. Background photo courtesy Shawn Choy/The Columbian Spectator, New York

A place to call our own

By Lil’Dong

Clouds of dust and 40 minutes was all it took to bring about the end of the Gauntlet’s 40-year-long, Room 310 MacEwan Hall era. On Fri., May 4, a crew of stalwart movers packed up the former Gauntlet office supplies and shuffled them down the hall to the other side of the building. "It’s so… Continue reading A place to call our own

All your votes are belong to us are belong to us

Despite allegations of sleeping on the job, rampant gambling and mud-slinging, the Gauntlet stumbled drunkenly through another Tier II election. At the helm of the Academic Probation section next year will be Andrew "The Red" Ross, whose Viking army won a commanding victory over Kyle Siler. "I promise a year of pillaging, followed by raiding,… Continue reading All your votes are belong to us are belong to us