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Men’s Hockey: Hockeysaurs scratch seven-year itch

By Alyzee Sibtain

Friday the 13th was not a memorable night for the University of Calgary men’s hockeysaurs, as they suffered a 5-3 loss to the University of Alberta Golden Bears. But while 13 proved to be unlucky for the Dinos, seven was a much more fruitful number as the boys wiped out the Bears–and their seven year… Continue reading Men’s Hockey: Hockeysaurs scratch seven-year itch

Letter: Gerina’s Great

By Colleen Reed

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “SPUN: Gerina Di Marco,” Alyzee Sibtain, Sept. 14, 2006] I can’t believe you even posted this article–it is terrible! I don’t know if the writer was a jealous female or just a clueless male. To compare Gerina to Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson shows absolutely no musical aptitude. Gerina actually writes… Continue reading Letter: Gerina’s Great

Spun: Chingy

By Alyzee Sibtain

Chingy be needing a bitch-slap with a dictionary open to “overkill.” A few collaborations with well-established artists can do wonders for an artist’s debut album, but joining forces with other musicians on almost every track is a painfully obvious sign that Chingy’s creative juices are starting to a run a little low. From the get… Continue reading Spun: Chingy

Men’s Hockey: Dismal defence divides Dinos’ dividends

By Alyzee Sibtain

The University of Calgary men’s Dinos played two very different games with two very different results their opening weekend against the University of Manitoba Bison, Oct. 6-7. They split the series with a 7-5 Dinos victory on Friday night, followed by a hard-fought 2-1 defeat the following night. Friday’s game was a flurry of power-play… Continue reading Men’s Hockey: Dismal defence divides Dinos’ dividends

Men’s Hockey: Optimistic outlook for season opening

By Alyzee Sibtain

The Dinos men’s hockeysaurs have high hopes for this upcoming season. But if pre-season action was any indication of what’s to come, they may be in for some major disappointment. In six pre-season games, the Dinos posted a dismal 2-4-0 record, including a humiliating 8-2 loss at the hands of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.… Continue reading Men’s Hockey: Optimistic outlook for season opening

Spun: Gerina Di Marco

By Alyzee Sibtain

Move over Jessica Simpson–there’s yet another useless blonde wailing away, but thankfully, this one has yet to catch her big break. With tired lyrics and re-used beats, this Venezuelan-born beauty has little to offer, which is probably why she’s virtually unheard of. Though Gerina’s music falls under the rock genre, her lyrics are all too… Continue reading Spun: Gerina Di Marco

An excuse to stop nerdy studying

By Alyzee Sibtain

A team of ex-Dinos, dubbed Team BT, returned to the court to take the second annual University of Calgary Intramural Basketball Tournament Championship Sat., Mar. 11 with an undefeated record. Second place went to Team Roundhouse Kick to the Head and third place honours to Team ADD. This year’s tournament saw an increase in participation… Continue reading An excuse to stop nerdy studying

Measuring up: Dinos Report Cards

Final grades. The words sound like a death sentence handed from above. Luckily, most students are only graded once in their scholastic activities. Unfortunately for the hard-working Dinos, they’re graded once by their professors and once by the smarmy critics at the Gauntlet. Here are the final grades for the winter team sports. Men’s Hockey… Continue reading Measuring up: Dinos Report Cards