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By James Keller

Calgary’s history is often difficult to define. Our past gets tangled up in cowboy imagery and tales of great pioneers, and we connect with that past in very peculiar ways. Culturally, we hold historic rituals like the Calgary Stampede, and erect monuments like Heritage Park. Officially, we welcome visitors with traditional white stetsons. And through… Continue reading DOCUMENTING OUR PAST

Millennium Scholarship report

By James Keller

Knowledge is a hot ticket item in Canada that comes with a fairly large price tag. A new study published by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation aims to show just that, highlighting quantifiable barriers to post-secondary education. The same study is drawing ire from student organizations across the country. According to the study, entitled The… Continue reading Millennium Scholarship report

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

By Nicole Kobie

Pub crawls are generally dominated by men. I’m not sure why women don’t partake as enthusiastically; I’ll refrain from speculation, as I’d only insult members of both sexes. Hoping to encourage the girls to come out and party, the First Annual Ladies Night Pub Crawl was born. We only actually hit one Ladies Night this… Continue reading Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

It’s not the WWF, but at least it’s real

By Kris Kotarski

Last weekend, Calgarians got to see the Canadian Olympic wrestling team compete without paying $2,000 to fly to Sydney. The University of Calgary hosted the prestigious Canada Cup of Wrestling, the last warm-up tournament before Olympic competition begins in September. The meet featured Canada’s reigning Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year Daniel Igali, his Canadian… Continue reading It’s not the WWF, but at least it’s real

Five love stories for Valentine’s Day

By Corky Thatcher

1. Love Your GoalsShannon tensed again as she threw up into the sink. Someone was going to come in here and think she was bulimic, she thought. But Shannon had nothing in common with those underweight, power-dressing, popular scenester types that had slipped ahead of her and…More throwing up. The competition had ended two weeks… Continue reading Five love stories for Valentine’s Day