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A novel idea

By Kim Stock

"We’re poking a finger in the eye of Maclean’s!" Andrew Sherriff, Associate Editor & Special Advisor of Innovations: A Journal of Politics, triumphantly stated. "[Innovations] is an innovative venture that they don’t notice!"A new annual journal called Innovations was launched at the University of Calgary on Wed., Dec. 2 amidst a crowd feasting on wine… Continue reading A novel idea

More than a ribbon

By Melanie McNaughton

On Dec. 6, 1989 Marc Lepine stalked the halls of L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal muttering sexist epithets. He murdered 14 women that day because he felt that they were taking away places that rightfully belonged to men. Recently, I heard these events referred to as the actions of “one idiot with a gun.” In our… Continue reading More than a ribbon

Understanding Mr. October

By Jimmy Buffett

"What is it about baseball?"She pulled the quilt to her chin and nestled beside me on the couch. The dishes had been cleared and a candle flickered steadily atop the table behind us. A dull immediate radiance emitted from her soft features, carved strategically for slow seduction. This was supposed to be a special night.Every… Continue reading Understanding Mr. October

Celebrity Terrorism

By Ben Perrin

He has been called the fundamentalist’s banker, a holy terror, a phenomenon and, more recently, the world’s pre-eminent financier of anti-American terrorism. Some liberal analysts might try to say that he is misunderstood or that he had a rough childhood-neither are true of CNN’s "favourite" terrorist Ussamah Bin Ladin. His new-found international fame is, of… Continue reading Celebrity Terrorism