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State and Main: don’t cross this street

By Nicole Kobie

State and Main is a street corner in the slow, sleepy town of Waterford, Vermont. It’s where the ideals of purity and second chances cross paths. It’s where big business Hollywood and small town values collide. It’s where acclaimed director David Mamet and his brilliant ensemble cast attempt to wittily criticize their own industry, but… Continue reading State and Main: don’t cross this street

Promising play

By Jan Creaser

During the holidays, many people nostalgically reflect upon their lives, remembering the good times, the hard times and ultimately, their personal journey filled with both difficult and easy decisions about what direction their lives should take. This year, the Cappucino Musical Theatre Group tries to capture those moments of reflection and the emotion of tough… Continue reading Promising play

Canadians of our century

By Еvan Osentоn

Artist Emily Carr, Victoria, British Columbia (1871-1945) Among Canadian painters, Emily Carr stands alone. Indeed, while the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson may be considered more influential than Carr, they fed off each other while working together in Ontario where benefactors weren’t scarce. Carr, on the other hand, lived and worked alone in underpopulated… Continue reading Canadians of our century