Doug Service

1) I know what it’s like to be a student, I have my Electrical Masters Certificate. I think that students’ problems are not being heard. 2) I think that for students, there should be subsidized transit fares. I am also in support of extending the C-Train system as well as encouraging running the c-train later,… Continue reading Doug Service

Antoni Crochowski

1) I feel I’m the most attractive candidate the the student community. I would focus on making Calgary a more cosmopolitan city with a greater focus on the arts. 2) I plan to expand current transit lines beyond the city limits and to outlying areas such as Airdrie and even Edmonton. It could be faster… Continue reading Antoni Crochowski

Oscar Fech

1) For over five years I have attended most council meetings and have been refused access to several of the meetings. In the meetings I was privileged to attend, I was not allowed to voice my opinion. Approximately 50 per cent of City Council meetings are closed, while the rest are open to spectators only.… Continue reading Oscar Fech

Dave Bronconnier

1) No Information 2)• Calgary’s quality of life and economic prosperity requires increased investment to ease traffic congestion, and invest in public transportation. • More emphasis over the next three years on building transportation infrastructure in Calgary. • The completion of two major interchanges creating free flow traffic on the Glenmore Trail Elbow Drive corridor.… Continue reading Dave Bronconnier

Allan Foster

1) By investing in our citizens, over time, we will get a happier, healthier, more productive society. Government spending is out of control at all levels. The focus should shift back to the people. 2) Public transit has an important role in decreasing traffic volume in our city. It needs to be a more efficient… Continue reading Allan Foster

Mychael Pal

1) Two key ingredients, which are nowhere to be found in the decision making process in the Mayor’s Office today: access and participation. 2) While the city continues to grow, investment levels must not only keep up with development, but also make up for the last ten years of neglect, nine of which Bronconnier is… Continue reading Mychael Pal

Greg Lang

1) My campaign slogan is “Calgary needs a social agenda, not just a business one.” More attention to affordable housing is a student concern that I would address. 2) I would like to see more public transit more often, and longer. Extend LRT lines and increase LRT cars. Complete existing and new roads and necessary… Continue reading Greg Lang