VP Events

By Mary Chan

The race for the newly re-christened Vice-president Events (née Student Life) is being contested by three enthusiastic candidates with various levels of experience in different roles: Francis Freckleton, Jared Lorenz and Peter Wootliff.Student involvement on a campus with a reputation for apathy is a big goal of all candidates this year."I hope to accomplish a… Continue reading VP Events

Survey says…

Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students’ Union election? (in per cent) yes 44.2 no 47.1 Don’t know/not sure 8.7 Do you agree or disgree that the Gauntlet should endorse candidates in the SU election? (in per cent) Strongly disagree 30.1 Somewhat disagree 16.6 Neither disagree nor agree 14.5 Somewhat agree 26.9 Strongly… Continue reading Survey says…

VP Op-Fi

By Joan Creaser

Saving students’ money is the main theme in this year’s Vice-president Operations and Finance election. The VP Op-Fi is responsible for monitoring Students’ Union expenditures, proposing expenditures (i.e. fees and levies for student associations) and for setting up the following year’s budget. While saving is the common denominator, where and what money should be saved… Continue reading VP Op-Fi

VP External

By Jamie Hellewell

Four candidates are vying for the position of Vice-president External in next year’s Students’ Union: incumbent Nassr Awada, Christa Big Canoe, Melanie McNaughton, and Paul Novosad.The VP External has the responsibility to represent students at the civic, provincial, and federal levels. Issues dealt with include university funding, financial aid, and student employment issues. Awada, McNaughton,… Continue reading VP External

VP Academic

By Jamie Hellewell

There are three candidates in the race to represent you as Vice-president Academic of the Students’ Union: Drew Brown, Heather Clitheroe, and Kerry Parker.The official job description of the VP Academic includes advocating student rights on academic issues, coordinating and chairing the Student’s Academic Assembly, and developing policies and services to aid students. However, each… Continue reading VP Academic

Board of Governors Rep


One of the less hyped, yet key positions featured in the 1999 Students’ Union General Election is the student-at-large representative to the Board of Governors. The student-at-large carries the students’ voice to the highest governing body of the university; the BoG has final say on such money matters as tuition increases and prof salaries.There are… Continue reading Board of Governors Rep

Senate Rep

By Kim Stock

If you’ve never heard of the University of Calgary Senate, you’re not alone. The mission statement of the senate is to "inquire into any matter that might tend to enhance the usefulness of the university." They are also in charge of honorary degrees.Of the 62 senators of the U of C, two are elected students.… Continue reading Senate Rep

Postering violation

By Sadiq Javer

This year’s Students’ Union general election has been plagued by the removal and defacement of posters, and the distribution of illegal pamphlets.According to the SU poster policy, candidates are given certain guidelines to follow regarding the hanging of posters. The SU poster policy states: "No organization or person shall remove or cover a valid poster."Chief… Continue reading Postering violation

Presidential forum

By Natalie Sit

Last Thursday’s Students’ Union general election presidential candidate forum drew six of the seven candidates to Speakers’ Corner in MacEwan Hall. Students gathered around three levels of stairs to listen to the candidates answer questions from moderator and current SU President Paul Galbraith and the floor.Reviews of the forum were mixed, though most candidates were… Continue reading Presidential forum

Academic forum

By Jan Creaser

"Who is Peggy Patterson and why is she important?" was the bonus question asked of the three Vice-president Academic candidates at the Feb. 22 forum. (For the record, Patterson’s the university Associate VP Student Affairs.) Current Students’ Union VP Academic Toireasa Jespersen moderated the forum for candidates Drew Brown, Heather Clitheroe and Kerry Parker. The… Continue reading Academic forum