Election Fraud?

By Natalie Sit

Newly elected Academic Commissioners Kassim Amery and Birju Dattani’s campaigns violated six election bylaws during the Students’ Union by-election according to an SU vice-president. Phrases like “campaigns hijacked democracy,” “poor moral character,” and “bylaws were violated with impunity” described two unidentified candidates’ campaigns in the SU Chief Returning Officer’s by-election report to the Students’ Legislative… Continue reading Election Fraud?

Preston to become VP Op-Fi

By Вen Li

Gavin Preston, incoming Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance, will have to pay $100 for violating an election bylaw in addition to penalties previously imposed. Unanimously on the evening of Thu., Apr. 17, the Students’ Union Tribunal largely reaffirmed the Review Board’s Mar. 23 decision to suspend Preston’s SU privileges until he takes office on… Continue reading Preston to become VP Op-Fi

SU General Election report

By Patrick Boyle

The Students’ Union’s Chief Returning Officer delivered a post-mortem speech to members of the Students’ Legislative Council on Tue., Mar 18. In his discourse, aptly titled “Democracy is not a Spectator Sport”, CRO Shuv Majumdar reflected on the election and offered both words of advice and words of warning to the campus politicians, especially those… Continue reading SU General Election report

SU Election losers

By Вen Li

Sadness and disappointment filled the Gildenstern room among scant cries of merriment on Fri., Feb. 14 as election losers made way for jubilant victors. Thirteen candidates tried for executive positions, five did not lose.PresidentCurrent SU VP Academic Jayna Gilchrist garnered 1,383 votes, handily defeating nearest competitors Kyle Gould who received 563 votes, and Mohamed El-Rafih… Continue reading SU Election losers

Election results


SU General Elections 2003 ResultsPresidentEl-Rafih, Mohamed- 550Gilchrist, Jayna- 1383Gould, Kyle- 563Blatch, Christopher D.- 394 VP Academic Nicolaides, Demetrios- (Acclaimed) VP External Batiuk, Lauren- 1841 Doig, Kari E.- 875 VP Events Bailey, Lawrence- 1038 Bergen, Richard “Krafty”- 1113 Patel, Anant- 720 VP Op-Fi Kotwell, Tanya- 927 Pearce, Brett J.- 807 Preston, Gavin C.- 1064 Academic Commission… Continue reading Election results

VP Op-Fi forum

By Вen Li

Many tragedies have been built around dysfunctional families fighting over who should be the new leader. Should it be the brother returning from abroad, the financially-adept sister, or the intelligent but ugly step-child? Such is the question with this year’s SU General Election as three internal candidates campaigned for the VP operations and finance position… Continue reading VP Op-Fi forum

VP events forum

By Nicole Kobie

It’s encouraging that the SU VP events forum was entertaining and well-attended–hopefully it proves prophetic for that portfolio next year. Last Thu., Feb. 6, two of the three would-be VPs–Lawrence Bailey and Richard “Krafty” Bergen–spent an hour answering questions from current SU VP Events Irene Enyedy and numerous audience members. Third candidate Anant Patel missed… Continue reading VP events forum

External Commission

By Brian Arkinstall

A crowd of at least 30 students braved jazz saxophone music over the Tuesday lunch hour to hear five candidates explain why four of them should become next year’s Operations and Finance commissioners. Most candidates focused on issues relating to differential tuition, student clubs, and money.Candidate Jarrod Fuhr said that the three main issues facing… Continue reading External Commission

Presidential forum

By Natalie Sit

One hundred students listened to Students’ Union presidential candidates speak about their plans for the future on Mon., Feb. 10. All candidates had ambitious goals, but apathy got universal attention from the field.“There’s more than 30,000 students on campus, only a select few end up caring,” said Kyle Gould. “I’m that person who’s going to… Continue reading Presidential forum

VP external forum

By Heather Thompson

On Wed., Feb. 5, SU vice-president external candidates Lauren Batiuk and Kari Doig participated in a candidate forum. When asked about the three most important issues in the external portfolio, Batiuk mentioned tuition, student loan allowances, and parental contributions in student loans.Doig also thought that tuition was an important issue. “Differential tuition will increase students’… Continue reading VP external forum