Drinking on campus

By Garth Paulson

So it’s 10 p.m. on Friday night, you find yourself sequestered in Cascade Hall with a group of friends figuring out what to do with the evening. Being a university student, your obvious answer is to get slopping drunk. But wait, it’s not that easy. You’re a rez kid, so you don’t have any clean… Continue reading Drinking on campus

It’s a wing thing

By Anna Chan

Wings, the ultimate in carnivorous pub food. We crave them and can’t get enough. So, to fill our craving, a team of hungry Gauntleteers went in search of good wings, good service and good pints. For a wing night, we also decided to note wing related necessities, such as wing size and potency as well… Continue reading It’s a wing thing

Real drinking is no game

By Adam Goetz

Drinking games have become a beloved pastime for university students around the world. In the proper social setting, they can provide hours of fun and enjoyment with a certain level of accepted alcoholism. So, to help the freshmen and those who have led a sheltered university existence, here are the most popular and the most… Continue reading Real drinking is no game

Dreadful draught downs drunk dude

By Chris Beauchamp

The reason can be as varied as the method, but, in the end, the goal is the same. Maybe your girlfriend just walked out of your life, but not without first loudly characterizing you in a decidedly unfavourable way in the middle of your third-year anniversary dinner. Just what is “self-aggrandizing prick” supposed to mean… Continue reading Dreadful draught downs drunk dude

Hockey’s greatest rivalry

By Lawrence Bailey

Tuesday evening I settled down in front of my television for the latest installment in a time-honoured tradition, one of sport’s greatest rivalries: The Battle of Alberta. While Stamps-Eskies clashes, Dinos-Bears battles and, most inexplicably, Cannons-Trappers tilts, have all been sucked into the whole arena of Calgary and Edmonton’s sports rivalry, we all know the… Continue reading Hockey’s greatest rivalry

Subverting our branded world

By James Keller

The branding of our environment, both public and private, seems increasingly unavoidable. More and more, advertising is creeping into once out-of-bounds areas like washroom stalls, public schools and even NASA spacecraft. It is said people see upwards of 3,000 advertisements every day, and there seems to be no limit to where advertising will rear its… Continue reading Subverting our branded world

An alternative, independent eulogy

By James Keller

It’s been four years since Vancouver-based publisher Dan McLeod came to Calgary looking to expand the successful Georgia Straight franchise over the Rockies. Until then, Calgary had one alternative entertainment weekly, Fast Forward. On October 28, Calgary Straight employees were given their walking papers without notice, ending production of what was once a joint venture… Continue reading An alternative, independent eulogy

A marathon of mental and physical strength

By Andrea Bundon

“This is one tough way to take a tour of Morocco,” said Angus Cowan.Cowan just completed the Marathon des Sables, a race affectionately known as the world’s toughest foot race. It’s 230km long, takes seven days and follows the Algerian border through the Sahara desert.“The desert looks peaceful and serene but you have the wind… Continue reading A marathon of mental and physical strength