The trials of dating on the Web

By Ruth Davenport

Every now and again, I’m reminded of what a slothful race we really are.My friend Ted recently informed me that if his current four-years-and-going-strong relationship ever ended and he was in the "relationship market" again, he would employ an Internet dating service. According to Ted, the service handles most of the "dirty work" involved in… Continue reading The trials of dating on the Web

The latest, greatest anti-depressant?

By Ruth Davenport

Take your pick, ladies: Prozac or Viagra?The Ottawa Citizen recently published the findings of a study by a team of psychologists at the State University of New York. The study triumphantly declared women directly exposed to semen are significantly less depressed than those who are not.As a woman fighting for the right to enjoy sex… Continue reading The latest, greatest anti-depressant?

Ungreatful, impatient and undeserving

By Ruth Davenport

Call me crazy, but I think the University of Calgary owes something to its students.It was convocation week 2001 and my turn to toddle around the Jack Simpson in a billowing black robe and mortarboard designed to convey immense dignity, even over my outlandish orange-burgundy-gold geometrically patterned dress. I convocated with most of the people… Continue reading Ungreatful, impatient and undeserving

The meek will not inherit the earth

By Ruth Davenport

I’ve got a new crusade.It started with a consideration of why people don’t want to say they’re feminists. I’m staggered by the number of people you talk to who’ll stutter and fumble and shuffle their feet as they explain that, yes, they believe in (insert textbook definition of feminist beliefs here) but nooooo, they’re not… Continue reading The meek will not inherit the earth

Take your lascivious activites elsewhere

By Ruth Davenport

I wish I had an air horn. A big, shiny air horn that had a selection of noises ranging from the traditional "WAAAAAAAH!" to the old-school model-T Ford "ah-OOOOOOOOOOO-ga!"Here’s why: I’m just plain had-it-up-to-here sick of couples who periodically arrest all their forward motion and convert their otherwise normal and productive energy into the most… Continue reading Take your lascivious activites elsewhere

Student politicans capitalize on apathy

By Ruth Davenport

Put your ear close to the ground and you may hear the sound of student dollars being misspent in the name of student apathy.Last week, members of the Students’ Legislative Council passed a motion–unanimously–to pay each of the newly elected executives up to $500 as "remuneration" for time dedicated to training in their respective positions.This… Continue reading Student politicans capitalize on apathy

Women’s self-defence: myth or reality?

By Ruth Davenport

I’m prefacing this week’s Headspin with a disclaimer. I don’t want to undermine self-defence courses. I believe the philosophy is sound and I admire the positive intentions. With that said, I’m disturbed by the number of women coming out of self-defence courses in greater danger than they went in.I’m coming at this from my perspective… Continue reading Women’s self-defence: myth or reality?

Look good on your own terms

By Joel McNally

Last week, I received an e-mail from my good friend Ted in Ontario, who informed me–as casually as if he were discussing a falafel–that over the course of his reading week, he would do the unthinkable and undergo plastic surgery.I was shocked. My healthy, virile and flabbergastingly attractive friend was going under the knife to… Continue reading Look good on your own terms