Eamon McGrath

By Conner Sadler

Upon opening Eamon McGrath’s latest album, I was greeted with handwritten instructions to “Play it Loud as Hell.” These instructions serve the album well. The songs are filled with loud, forceful guitars and percussion as McGrath’s stripped-down vocals give a raw feeling to the album. The album opens with heavy, psychedelic reverb on “Canadian Shield”… Continue reading Eamon McGrath

Chad VanGaalen

By Garth Paulson

His first solo record since 2011’s Diaper Island, Calgary-native Chad VanGaalen’s Shrink Dust marks a definitive change in his sound. While VanGaalen often relies on homemade instruments to craft his zany soundscapes, Shrink Dust features the addition of an aluminum pedal steel guitar. This makes the album — in VanGaalen’s view — a country record.… Continue reading Chad VanGaalen