Overturn this

By Вen Li

The most extensive democratic exercise at the University of Calgary is now in doubt as the Students’ Union Review Board overturned the wishes of over 6,500 students last week on the grounds that an undetermined, but not unknowable, number of students’ votes were uncounted.However, the ruling upset not only the victories of the winning candidates,… Continue reading Overturn this

Blame solves nothing

By Ben Li

No doubt exists that prayer space on campus needs to be addressed, but not through legal threats or allegations of wrongdoing or disseminating unsubstantiated information. Instead, a focused dialogue about definite needs and plans is needed–one that doesn’t burden everyone with blame–but this is where many seem stuck. Worshippers blame the Students’ Union for not… Continue reading Blame solves nothing

Stupid politicians vs. lovely legislators

By Вen Li

Lawmakers should not legislate things they don’t understand. It is important that those who represent us in government make laws that protect us from ourselves, but only if they are well-informed on the issues. Whether it’s a well-meaning cabinet member trying to protect grain farmers through the wheat board monopoly, or the minister of random… Continue reading Stupid politicians vs. lovely legislators

You’ve got poor grammar

By Вen Li

I cringe every time I hear the phrase “You’ve got mail.” Not because I fear getting angry letters from readers or stupid virus-laden Flash forwards from people who think aol is the Internet, but because the expanded phrase “You have got mail” is broken.People asking me to "instant messenge" them provoke a similar reaction. What… Continue reading You’ve got poor grammar

E-heritage in no real danger

By Вen Li

Surprise! amazon.ca has been on-line for two months and the Canadian book industry hasn’t died, and we’re still Canadian. Heritage Canada rightly said the Seattle-based amazon.com was out of its reach, but apparently, Canadian book-sellers are unhappy with economic sovereignty.Domestic book-sellers with stores in every part of Canada claim they can’t compete with a faceless,… Continue reading E-heritage in no real danger

Business? Lying? Who knew?

By Вen Li

Last week, the University of Calgary Faculty of Management changed its name to honour local businessman and former U of C Board of Governors Chairman Dick Haskayne, who donated $16 million to the university. Money drives things, that’s great. We can never have too many people supporting post-secondary education. What’s bothersome is the school’s creative… Continue reading Business? Lying? Who knew?

A time to pause and appreciate: Often overlooked, the beauty of nature is awe-inspiring

By Вen Li

We’re lucky, you and I, to live where we can step outside and enjoy the great outdoors at will. Well, at least we’re lucky to have a great outdoors to enjoy, in a world so riddled with violence, war and turmoil. Looking out the classroom window, it might be difficult to believe that the largest,… Continue reading A time to pause and appreciate: Often overlooked, the beauty of nature is awe-inspiring

Upholding corporate rights

By Вen Li

They say tragedy brings out the best and worst in people. Nothing demonstrates that truism better than our actions in the wake ofSeptember 11. While the U.S. government scrambled quickly to put billions of dollars into the already ailing airline and travel industries, they quietly tried to subvert the rights of other companies in the… Continue reading Upholding corporate rights

Emerging democracies more representative than our farcical system

By Вen Li

Democracy sucks. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, the “democratic” system practised today in Canada and just about every other Western nation is simply feudalism in a nicer package. To see this clearly, some introspection is necessary.Canada is ruled by Emperor Chrétien. Through his 13 great barons and his royal court of… Continue reading Emerging democracies more representative than our farcical system