President: Mark Armstrong

Each year there is at least one disenfranchised candidate who runs for SU president because he or she is pissed off at the way the university is run, and desperately wants to do something to make things better. Mark Armstrong is that candidate. After transferring from Mount Royal College, Armstrong said he feels the U… Continue reading President: Mark Armstrong

President: Andrew Lahey

Lahey provides students with another strong candidate for SU president. As an operations and finance commissioner, he’s learned how the business side of the SU works, and as an SU representative on various committees, he’s gained knowledge of operations outside his commission. Lahey’s education in Haskayne means his platform has a distinct business feel to… Continue reading President: Andrew Lahey

President: Emily Wyatt

Emily Wyatt knows what’s going on. With a year of external commissioner experience and as current president of the Resident Students’ Association, Wyatt is aware of how the university works and how to best get things done. Wyatt admits she isn’t a political schmoozer; she isn’t concerned with padding her resume or making political connections.… Continue reading President: Emily Wyatt

President: Nick Vuckovic

Nick Vuckovic’s pledge to lobby for Harvey Weingarten’s impeachment is certainly a polarizing stance. Our own panel was fairly evenly split, with some agreeing Harv has done nothing to better the undergrad experience, while others see Vuckovic’ s campaign pledge as a publicity ploy and an unrealistic goal. Vuckovic himself played down his vow to… Continue reading President: Nick Vuckovic

President: Fadi Guirgis

As one of the stronger presidential candidates, Fadi Guirgis seems in tune with some pressing education issues. However, with a lack of adequate funding currently under-fueling Alberta’s post-secondary education, Guirgis regrettably identified the most pressing student issue as the proposed decrease in Dinos’ funding. While athletics are certainly important to any institution, Guirgis’ solution is… Continue reading President: Fadi Guirgis

President: Christopher Blatch

Chris Blatch is an idealistic candidate. With campaign pledges to fight for GST-free textbooks, more affordable student housing and reduced prices in SU-run businesses, while simultaneously launching new and improved media campaigns against the provincial government, Blatch shows a determination to improve student life. Unfortunately, the devil may be in the details. Although each of… Continue reading President: Christopher Blatch

President: Gilbert Bong

A concise understanding of the post secondary funding issues plaguing Alberta and a knowledge of the best solutions to those problems cannot be replaced by good intentions alone. Enter Gilbert Bong, an undoubtedly friendly and sincere candidate who unfortunately doesn’t seem to grasp the role of an effective SU President. Campaigning on a platform of… Continue reading President: Gilbert Bong

President: Mike Corbiell

There is no question about the lack of student spirit at the U of C campus, but it is extremely debatable whether this is the reason for our problems or rather a symptom of far greater ones. According to Mike Corbiell, boosting school spirit is actually the solution to our problems. Running on a platform… Continue reading President: Mike Corbiell

President: Bryan West

Bryan West has done a good job as SU president during his current term. Succesful projects include the negotiation of at least $1.5 million from the university Board of Governors for use on SU chosen quality initiatives and the successful implementation of Political Action Week during the run up to the provincial election. PAW, which… Continue reading President: Bryan West