Report Cards

By Rhiannon Kirkland

It’s a proven scientific fact that standardized tests are win, a guy from the Fraser Institute told us so. With that in mind, we present to you the Gauntlet’s annual report card assessment, which is done with the precision and responsibility only top bureaucrats and socialites could be capable of.

Women’s volleyball

By Kris Kotarski

With new coach Jesse Knight manning the bench, the women’s volleyball team slaughtered the competition this year and managed to take silver at the CIS championships. Of course the trio of seniors Holly Harper, Lauren Perry and Julie Young had their sights set on the gold, but considering they had four bronze medals before this… Continue reading Women’s volleyball

Men’s hockey

By Еvan Osentоn

It must be rather embarrassing to be the only team in Canada West not to make the playoffs. The Dinos missed the playoffs this season, the first time they have done so since 1985. The Dinos defence was shaky throughout most of the season, providing a hard time for starting netminder Jeff Weber. The offence… Continue reading Men’s hockey

Women’s hockey

By Ryan Laverty

Perfection in sports is measured by the outcome, no matter the means taken to get there. The women’s hockey team earns a perfect score as they managed to win the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference championship. The path to the gold was not perfect, but it was successful in the end. The Dinos were notorious for… Continue reading Women’s hockey

Men’s basketball

By Lawrence Bailey

With strong starters like Ross and Henry Bekkering and Robbie Sihota stepping up in key moments throughout the year, the men’s basketball team plowed their way to the semi-finals of the Final 8 tournament in Ottawa. The team also relied on breakout season from Tyler Fidler. The regular season draw against UBC only heated up… Continue reading Men’s basketball

Men’s volleyball

By Chris Johns

The Dino v-ballers rocked the red this year during the regular season, taking the Jack Simpson Gym by storm and refusing to lose at home. They finished the season ranked second in their conference and third nationally. Compared to last year, this year’s team showcased considerable improvement on the defensive end, engineering stronger blocking patterns… Continue reading Men’s volleyball

Track and Field

By Sean Nyilassy

The track team did not improve upon last year’s success, as the women finished fifth nationally and the men finished sixth. The teams saw some excellent individual performances from Sam Effah, Amonn Nelson, Danielle Kendall, Trent Ratzlaff and Heather Sim, all bringing home medals for the Dinos. Despite a slew of succesfull track athletes, the… Continue reading Track and Field

Women’s basketball

By Ryan Laverty

Despite solid efforts from fifth-years Courtney Coyle and Whitney Haswell, the women’s basketball squad found themselves on the losing end one too many times this season. They only managed eight wins to their 14 losses, making for a frustrating season. A bright spot was their undefeated effort to win the Hoopwell Holiday Hoops tournament on… Continue reading Women’s basketball


By Andrew Ross

The swim team continued its domination as the women took home a national championship this year, ending the University of British Columbia’s 11-year reign. Erica Morningstar anchored the women’s team, earning seven gold medals. The men grabbed second place at nationals, falling just 28 points shy of first. The team earns a near perfect score… Continue reading Swimming


By Kris Kotarski

Most of the marks in wrestling go to the women who had a strong year winning six medals at the CIS championship meet in the Jack Simpson Gym. Gen Haley (51 kg), Heidi Erdle (59 kg), Justine Bouchard (63 kg), Vanessa Wilson (67 kg), Erica Wiebe (72 kg) and Leah Callahan (82 kg) all beat… Continue reading Wrestling