Somalia reinvisioned at OYR

By Daorcey Le Bray

CORRECTION: Somalia Yellow runs until April 27 at the Big Secret Theatre. Tickets at Ticketmaster.An artist comes back from Somalia after six days as Canada’s last official war artist. He had an hour and a half of video footage that would be condensed into 45 minutes. Discuss.In Somalia Yellow, the One Yellow Rabbit ensemble takes… Continue reading Somalia reinvisioned at OYR

Seeing through the eyes of war

By Natalie Sit

Dating from the Boer War, Canada’s war artists took paintbrushes, pencils and cameras to the front to capture the military’s experiences. In 1993, Allan Harding McKay was the last war artist to go to war. He took a video camera to Somalia to record images of the Canadian soldiers during Operation: Somalia. While serving in… Continue reading Seeing through the eyes of war