The horrors of Rwanda

By Chris Beauchamp

The commander of the United Nations mission in Rwanda during the 1994 Rwandan genocide is on a new mission. Lieutenant-General (retired) Romeo Dallaire is speaking to the public about his experiences to increase awareness of the impact of war on children. Interested Calgarians packed the auditorium of the W.R. Castell Central Library to capacity Wed.,… Continue reading The horrors of Rwanda

Right and left agree

By Joshua Johnson

It was to be a battle of former political leaders as Preston Manning and Dr. Ken Nicol met in a public debate on democratic reform Tue., Mar. 16. The two prominent speakers addressed a crowd of roughly 70 people at the University of Calgary’s Rozsa Centre, exploring the issues behind voter apathy and touching on… Continue reading Right and left agree

War from a journalist’s perspective

By Chris Beauchamp

Seasoned foreign correspondent Matthew Fisher spoke on campus Wed., Nov. 12. Fisher was one of only two Canadian journalists to be embedded with an American combat unit during the recent campaign in Iraq. He has covered 29 wars, including conflicts in Rwanda, Chechnya, Somalia, the first Gulf War and, more recently, he was stationed with… Continue reading War from a journalist’s perspective

Green Party leader on campus

By Ben Hoffman

As a federal election draws closer, more practitioners of the art of politics become increasingly interested in the activity known as campaigning.Green Party leader Jim Harris came to campus Fri., Oct. 31 to talk to student supporters about the party and the upcoming election."[It was] an absolutely fantastic event, with a great turnout," Harris said… Continue reading Green Party leader on campus