Clowns of death in Flux

By Daorcey Le Bray

There’s something special about laughing at the cutesy antics of a clown fishing for audience members who then changing gears to laugh at his decapitation.Mump and Smoot (Michael Kennard and John Turner, respectively) are masters of humour for the adult audience who remembers its inner child. In Flux, the Canadian clowns of horror take the… Continue reading Clowns of death in Flux

Audience won’t buy Love and Money

By Anita Singh

ATP’s For Love and Money contains neither love nor money. Instead, the playRites 2002 piece is completely riddled with cliché.For Love and Money follows Howard, a rich oil tycoon, and his wife Janie as they strike it rich and then watch their family fall apart. Unsurprisingly, Howard becomes abusive due to his and Janie’s alcoholism,… Continue reading Audience won’t buy Love and Money

A middle-aged love affair

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Eugene Stickland’s Midlife proves there’s no atypical midlife crisis.While the play centers around Jack-an older oil exec drawn to a younger woman, Amber-it avoids delving into clichés about love, lust and betrayal. Instead, Midlife provides the audience with keen insight into the male psyche and a hell of a lot of laughs.This success lies primarily… Continue reading A middle-aged love affair