Spring and Summer U-Pass may be coming to the U of C

By Ashad Mukadam

University of Calgary students taking courses in the Spring and Summer might soon be able to take the bus or C-Train as easily as the rest of the year. The U of C, the Students’ Union and Calgary Transit are currently negotiating the expansion of the U-Pass program to include Spring and Summer semesters once… Continue reading Spring and Summer U-Pass may be coming to the U of C

U-Pass and parking, unlikely yet friendly bedfellows

By Katie Hobday

Parking on campus and the U-Pass are the yin and yang of commuting to school: Two seemingly opposite concepts that somehow work well together. The demand for parking on campus was dramatically decreased by the implementation of the U-Pass. "In terms of the availability of parking, it’s been very positive," said University of Calgary Director… Continue reading U-Pass and parking, unlikely yet friendly bedfellows

U-Pass eases parking

By Andrea Bundon

It wasn’t without growing pains, but the U-Pass appears to be having the desired effect on campus.“What we really needed to do was ease the demand in the peak hours,” said Peter Fraser, Director of Ancillary Services at the University of Calgary. “I think we are about 90 per cent there.”Since the U-Pass program started… Continue reading U-Pass eases parking

U-Pass on its way

By Corinna Callsen

The U-Pass is well on the way. From mid-August on, students will be able to get their pass, which will be a sticker on their student id card. Still at issue is a U-Pass for part-time students. "We are discussing the possibilities for part-time students and staff to purchase the U-Pass," said Students’ Union Vice-President… Continue reading U-Pass on its way