Adventures in stereo

By Ricardo Urbina

Prepare yourself for an all out fund-raising barrage by the University of Calgary’s own radio station CJSW 91 FM. The annual event, which runs Fri., Oct. 23 to Oct. 30, is back and hopes to be as successful as its predecessor. Last year, the event was able to raise over $103,000 in donations, so this campaign’s official goal of $77,000 seems likely.

CJSW Station Manager Maizun Jayoussi explains that although students already pay a $3 per semester levy to support CJSW, it only makes up CJSW’s operating budget, which goes towards paying for things like salaries, stationary and postage. This levy hasn’t been increased in over a decade.

"Once a year we have a fund-raiser for our entire capital budget," said Jayoussi. "Virtually all the equipment we’ve bought over the past 13 years has been with money that’s been donated by our listeners."

Jayoussi said CJSW is important to students and the community in general.

"CJSW offers an alternative to mainstream commercial radio in addition to all different kinds of music that never gets heard on radio like jazz, ska, hip-hop, experimental, funk, punk rock et cetera," she said. "We also are the voice of the voiceless. We provide a voice for less privileged groups that don’t have access to the media, such as gay/lesbian and aboriginal programs."

She acknowledges that many of their student listeners don’t have a lot of money.

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