A-lesson in stylish contraception

By David Kenney

I never knew casual sex could be a lesson in style. Getting to it might involve using some style, but learning style from the experience bewilders me. Somehow though, makers of the contraceptive Alesse are promoting such ideas through ads.Gracing C-train stops citywide, Alesse’s slogans include, "No one remembers how you arrive, it’s how you… Continue reading A-lesson in stylish contraception

Corporate campus is a necessary evil

By Editorial

Look around you. Much of MacEwan Student Centre is under renovation to allow for more university-run food kiosks (and less frightening staircases). North of MSC, construction of the Information Communications and Technology building, which will service the educational needs of future generations of engineers and computer scientists, is taking place. Parking lot 11 is undergoing… Continue reading Corporate campus is a necessary evil

Community responds to "morally repugnant" column

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Death defined along ethnic lines,” June 22, 2000Ms. Fuentes’ editorial contains, as its central thesis, a morally repugnant and factually baseless claim. She is trying to undermine the strongest justification for the creation of Holocaust Memorials and Holocaust Museums claiming they are self serving. The opposite is true. The study of the… Continue reading Community responds to "morally repugnant" column

SU store benefits students more than McQ’s

By Toby White

Editors, the GauntletRe: "McQ’s becomes McSU’s," May 18, 2000Re: "Outcry over ousting of McQ’s," July 20, 2000     There has been a lot of misinformation and misconceptions concerning the issue of the convenience store. Mr. Cho was not "kicked out" of McQ’s. The Students’ Union decided not to renew his lease when it expired. Mr. Cho… Continue reading SU store benefits students more than McQ’s

Rainstorms and bogus jobs

By Kathy Schaerer

Summer-time sizzle brings a bit of peace and fun to the Campus Security office. Incidents were down this July, "but that’s typical," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "Generally speaking, where there’s people, there’s bound to be a few problems; fewer people make fewer problems." This month’s biggest culprit appears to be the rain. Recent… Continue reading Rainstorms and bogus jobs

UTI donates money to U of C

By Natalie Sit

University Technologies International Inc. announced a one-time $900,000 donation to the University of Calgary on July 19. Half the amount will ensure the continuation of three fellowships supported by UTI while use of the other $450,000 has yet to be determined. The 1999/2000 fiscal year was the most successful in UTI’s 11 year history, allowing… Continue reading UTI donates money to U of C

Lone Liberal leaving office

By Rob South

After eight years in office, Calgary’s lone Liberal Member of the Legislative Assembly is leaving public office. Calgary Buffalo MLA Gary Dickson declared last week that he will not seek re-election in the next provincial election, honouring a campaign promise he made in his first election. "Before I ran in 1992, I realized it was… Continue reading Lone Liberal leaving office

Hard pill to swallow

By Еvan Osentоn

It was Tuesday night and the Night Gallery was unusually hot and sticky. The house was packed and the air contained the sickly-sweet stink of Camels and mass anticipation. A quick look around showed the typical nutters and anti-corporate regulars who call the Gallery home, but something was different. The crowd was a veritable who’s-who… Continue reading Hard pill to swallow