Crossword: naughty or nasty?

This week we roll out the red, stained and disease infested carpet for our balls-out (no pun intended) crossword. Seriously it should work. Well not all of it, but it was a valiant effort if I do say so myself.Hints:ACROSS (Those are the lines on the horizontal axis) 1. Dogs invented this whimsical technique of… Continue reading Crossword: naughty or nasty?

Political Lexicon 2005/2006

“That depends on what your definition of the word is, is.”– President Bill Clinton In 1998, during the scandal that a saw a nation realize the curvature of its president’s penis, the world encountered some of the most clever uses of language witnessed since Shakespeare. Since then, new developments have been made in political lexicon… Continue reading Political Lexicon 2005/2006

Smoking not a killer

The Truth:Les Hagen, an executive director of Action Smoking and Health stated on Jan. 23 in a letter to the Calgary Herald that 1,000 people a year die from second-hand smoke in Canada. The next day MP Dave Rodney (Calgary-Lougheed) reported in a letter to the Herald that the number is 350. “The truth” is… Continue reading Smoking not a killer

Finally, something to be proud of

Fourteenth in Maclean’s rankings several years running, a broke arts department and an administration more concerned with the image of the university than educating young minds have all been classically associated with the University of Calgary. Having developed such nicknames as ‘the U of C minus’ over the years, most people typically have few nice… Continue reading Finally, something to be proud of

Residence restricted

Residence is the heart of any campus. From increased participation in clubs, student government and on-campus volunteering, to campus jobs and even more frequent visits to the Den, rez kids are demonstrably more involved in university life. They care more about the institution, because it’s not just the route to their degree, it’s their home… Continue reading Residence restricted

SU View: Amazing PSE Opportunity

Public Interest Alberta is holding a conference on post-secondary education February 24th-26th in Edmonton. The conference will focus on the hottest issues currently facing post-secondary education in Alberta. Jeffery Simpson, the Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist, and Peter MacMenamin, the Deputy General Secretary of the Teacher’s Union in Ireland, are both scheduled to be… Continue reading SU View: Amazing PSE Opportunity

SU Prez gets more compelling

University of Calgary Students’ Union President Bryan West received an unusual honour from the Alberta government last week.West was awarded an Alberta Centennial Medallion for his “outstanding work, achievements and volunteering efforts for the people, communities and province of Alberta,” according to an invitation letter from Calgary Fort MLA Wayne Cao. The medallion was accompanied… Continue reading SU Prez gets more compelling

U of C seeks toboggan title

Ordinarily, saying you plan to ride a 300-pound concrete slab down a snow-covered hill at 80 kilometres per hour would either cause stares of incredulity or trigger someone to phone a mental institution. Luckily, the members of the University of Calgary Concrete Toboggan team are neither lying nor insane, as the team are doing just… Continue reading U of C seeks toboggan title

Hola, Amigos! Cerveza por favor

Usually seeing snapshots of someone’s Christmas holiday in Mexico is never exciting, but this time, it was inspiring. Thirteen University of Calgary students made the 36 hour bus trek down to Juarez City, Mexico, to build a house for a struggling family. Known as ‘Project Amigo,’ the initiative was spearheaded by U of C Chaplain… Continue reading Hola, Amigos! Cerveza por favor