Where’s your line?

By Stephen Broadbent

Consider idleness and its sources in governing how we as a western society react to crisis in the world. Lately, it seems the suffering in Kosovo has monopolized media agendas and dominated conversation. The tense, repugnant smell of war has been injected into the air around us. We are appalled at the terror and injustice… Continue reading Where’s your line?

Not for students

By Chris Reid

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: "U of C students get million dollar tuition break," The Calgary Herald, Mar. 27, 1999,As a U of C (ash) student who stood in the cold for over five hours on Friday morning to protest 10 years of maximum tuition hikes, I was appalled by the way our protest and its outcome… Continue reading Not for students

Wrong way to protest

By Ramona Corbiell

Editors, the Gauntlet,I want my Students’ Union dues back. I was disgusted last week at the unprofessional tuition awareness campaign of misinformation run by the SU. I am disappointed in our SU and ashamed to be a member of it.The campaign was slanderous toward our university administration, making it appear (wrongfully) responsible for the rising… Continue reading Wrong way to protest

Like Mice in a cage

By Jan Creaser

Intellectual thought is the crowning glory of evolution. The level of self-awareness we, the human species, have achieved fascinates me beyond belief. No longer do we scrounge in the dirt, bite the heads off little animals and defecate wherever we want. We think rationally about numerous topics never before contemplated. We ponder important issues such… Continue reading Like Mice in a cage

The purloined letter

By Corky Thatcher

Dear Elouise,Greetings from the prairies! I know it has only been a couple of weeks since you left, but I really wanted to write. How are you? How’s life back in Toronto? I’m so glad you had a good time visiting here over Christmas. I’m happy to have a nice friend like you. There was… Continue reading The purloined letter

The price of Fruit Loops

By Brian Low

Terry White and the Board of Governors have been taking a lot of flak lately, and perhaps it is not undeserved. Tuition rises while many students struggle to go to school and carry on gratuitous habits such as eating and sleeping indoors. All the while, White’s infamy grows in proportion to his salary. Recent demonstrations… Continue reading The price of Fruit Loops

Kurdish contraversy

By David Thiessen

Editors, the GauntletRe: Turkey unfairly portrayed, Mar. 18, 1999,I am responding to an article written by Melisa Kozak and printed in he Gauntlet on Mar. 18. Melisa brings up may questions and issues that should be addressed, but a few demand a response. Melisa boldly writes that a previous Gauntlet article written by Shirzad Ahmed… Continue reading Kurdish contraversy

Balancing tuition and the budget

By Samer Elkassem

Editors, the Gauntlet,On Mar. 26, 1999 the University of Calgary Board of Governors voted in favor of an 80 per cent increase of the maximum allowable tuition fees for the 1999/2000 academic year. As a board member, and president of the Graduate Students’ Association, I made a responsible decision and supported the 80 per cent… Continue reading Balancing tuition and the budget

Order up!

By Erin Maduck

I am very troubled and confused about something. No, it is not school, a relationship, or any kind of hormonal outburst. I am disoriented about my general position in the work force.I have put in two long years of university education. Does this mean that I am moving up on the summer job ladder? Should… Continue reading Order up!