Doc examines a secret government world

To many, the basic idea behind democracy is that every citizen participates in big decisions. The United States of America is commonly known as a superpower democratic nation. The U.S. was built on democratic principles, and at the same time, has one of the most extensive and restrictive government-regulated secret intelligence systems. In the 81-minute… Continue reading Doc examines a secret government world

Spun: Keane

Since the releases of Hopes and Fears in 2004 and Under the Iron Sea in 2006, Keane has often been regarded and recognized as one of several typical “Coldplay-Radiohead-lite” bands in music today. However, on their latest album, Perfect Symmetry, the band makes noticeable efforts to depart from stereotypical British alternative rock sounds. Keane straddles… Continue reading Spun: Keane

Spun: Oasis

Cutting to the thick of it, Dig Out Your Soul is good. Really good. If you happen to have followed Oasis long enough to get sick of their mid-career wank-fest, or if you just happen to be into Beatles / psychedelic influenced brit-pop, then go for this one. Initially, it’s hard to believe Dig Out… Continue reading Spun: Oasis

Spun: Todd Rundgren

For the past four decades, legendary musician and multimedia wizard Todd Rundgen has delivered an impressive series of cutting-edge projects. Never one to rest on his laurels, Rundgren has once again defied all expectations and released Arena, a strongly guitar-oriented, hard-hitting recording based on stadium-style rock. As per usual, all the tracks are written and… Continue reading Spun: Todd Rundgren

Spun: Chris Gheran

There are a variety of scenes and emotions that can be conjured in 55 minutes listening to songs from Monster. Chris Gheran has a deep and husky voice which effectively conveys the contrast between strong and sweet aspects. The lyrics are slightly wordy in some songs, but overall are clear, down-to-earth and even inspiring. There… Continue reading Spun: Chris Gheran

Calgary band plays well with others

“Being in a relationship with one person is hard sometimes, but imagine being in a relationship with six people, in a confined space, for an extended period of time,” says Consonant C cellist and vocalist Clea Foofat of her group’s first tour. The burgeoning Calgary band has worked through a lot of milestones in their… Continue reading Calgary band plays well with others

Alternative offerings for the winter music season

Though Rocktober is coming to a close, there are still some sweet shows coming up to get you through the semester. Take a break from the worsening winter weather and check out all the hottest upcoming shows. Before going trick-or-treating this Friday, you can check out some spooky on campus music as locals Secret Broadcast… Continue reading Alternative offerings for the winter music season

Spoken word speaks volumes

Spoken word is a revival of oral tradition, of passing stories from one generation to another purely through word of mouth, almost tapping into a primordial human sensitivity. National SLAM! organizer Sheri-D Wilson goes as far to say the narrative spoken word is founded upon is embedded in our DNA or RNA, a genetic memory… Continue reading Spoken word speaks volumes