Let the hazing begin

While this year’s Dinos football squad had a good run, help for next year is on the way. Four Calgary-area high schoolers have confirmed their attendance to our prestigious institution in Fall 2005. They will hopefully pick up where graduating players left off. First up, coming straight from the Cochrane High School Cobras is Justin… Continue reading Let the hazing begin

Bears’ 11th national title

In a clash that some have compared to the fight between the oh-so-dreamy Russell Crowe and the tiger in Gladiator, the University of Alberta Golden Bears and University of Saskatchewan Huskies met for an all-western final round of the 2005 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Men’s Ice Hockey Championship Mon., Mar. 28. Huskie Trent Adamus opened scoring… Continue reading Bears’ 11th national title

Song of the unsung heroes

“The quarterback takes the snap. He takes three steps back. He’s looking way up field… Whammo! Man what a hit. He’ll be feeling that one in the morning.” Footballers are hit by 300-pound behemoths. Basketballers take nasty fouls. Volleyballers dive with no consideration for their limbs. Wrestlers are forcefully contorted like nobody should be. While… Continue reading Song of the unsung heroes

Bye bye basketball builders

Despite a disappointing and abrupt end to this year’s Dinos men’s basketball season, departing players still have many fond memories. They witnessed the growth of a team from a young sapling into the mighty oak it is today. “When you look back at the program five or six years ago, we weren’t all that successful,”… Continue reading Bye bye basketball builders

Spun: Pitbull

Pitbull’s explosion to the rap scene combines high-powered club beats with mediocre latin-influenced lyrical talent. Money is a Major Issue isn’t anything spectacular, with songs about sex, money, drugs, cars and other gangsta shit. The track listing reads as a “who’s who” of second-rate stars, and they’re so abundant it should be classified as a… Continue reading Spun: Pitbull

Spun: Jack Johnson

Sunshine, surf and… banana pancakes? For those who enjoyed the mellow sound of Jack Johnson on his first two albums On and On and Brushfire Fairytales, his new album is cause for rejoicing. But for those hoping for something new and exciting from this Californian crooner: sorry, no dice. Returning with his third album In… Continue reading Spun: Jack Johnson

Spun: Laurel MacDonald

Insomniacs of the world rejoice! Your cure is on the way with this easy five-step program. It’s as easy as A-B-C… uh, D-E! Step 1: Go to your local record store and pick up a copy of Laurel MacDonald’s Luscinia’s Lullaby. Step 2: Go about your day as you normally would. Try to avoid stressful… Continue reading Spun: Laurel MacDonald