No holds barred Battle of the Sexes

By Kris Kotarski

Kris Kotarski – Out to pasture     What’s the deal with women?Why are they even allowed out in public? Don’t get me wrong, I like the good-looking ones, but why do they have to open their mouths? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they just knew their role and stayed in the kitchen?This brings us… Continue reading No holds barred Battle of the Sexes

Political "Science"

With four long and arduous years of post-secondary education and a kinesiology degree under my belt, I decided it was time to stretch my wings and expand the horizons of my intellectual pursuits. After labs, computers and cadavers, I was ready for something less scientific, less defined and a little more subjective.Accordingly, this September I… Continue reading Political "Science"

Shinerama: Students fighting Cystic Fibrosis

By Irene Enyedy

Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited (genetic) disease that affects primarily breathing and digestion and other functions of the body. The effects of CF are most devastating in the lungs. CF may also cause extreme difficulty in digesting and absorbing adequate nutrients from food.Some people think that Cystic Fibrosis just makes it hard for kids to… Continue reading Shinerama: Students fighting Cystic Fibrosis

Letter about America

By Jason David Gillespie

Editor, the Gauntlet,If I were to use two words to describe the American culture, I would be hard pressed to do better than patriotic and religious. Some may see this as complementary, however, a closer examination of the types of patriotism and religiosity now common in the United States might force them to think otherwise.… Continue reading Letter about America

Re: ‘ To Hell In a Handbasket ,’ Sept. 20, 2001,

By Dr. J. R. Parker

Editor, the Gauntlet, I read James Keller’s comments from my seventh floor office in the ICT building. The editorial is clearly split into two parts: the first being generally negative comments on the ambiance of the new building, and the second being an equally negative commentary on the value of Management, Computer Science, and other… Continue reading Re: ‘ To Hell In a Handbasket ,’ Sept. 20, 2001,

Views on news

WHEEE! One student takes the Department of Psychology”s new driving simulator for a spin. Worth over $300,000, the simulator will allow researchers to address questions related to traffic safety and driver response that coulds not otherwise be answered. The simulator consists of five networked graphics workstations, three high-luminance projectors, three screens and a full-size Saturn… Continue reading Views on news

Dinos make an impression

By Ryan Laverty

In the first tournament of the Canada West season the Dinos field hockey team clawed their way up the Canadian Interuniversity Sport rankings. By ending the weekend with a 1-2-1 record they moved from eighth to sixth in the national rankings. Despite a losing record, the Dinos played well in front of a hometown crowd… Continue reading Dinos make an impression