Re: " Den has lost its old cachet, " Sept. 13, 2001

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Well, my first tour of the new Den was very pleasant. Nice atmosphere, good beer, loud music, and most of all, it was clean. Granted it was afternoon, but when I went to check it out Thursday night, I found, to my horror, the same thing Hadija found–the Palace crowd had found a new location. A location where they didn’t have to witness a stabbing afterwards. Then I noticed that almost all of the bar stars were young, like frosh. I figure in a couple weeks, when they have to go to a harmonics lab with a hangover, then do the writeup drunk, they will stop caring. University does many a great thing to people, and one of them is letting them be comforatble. There are some that are comfortable keeping up appearances, but there are more that wanna go with the flow. The latter will, I feel, soon find it easier to show up with ‘the unkempt hair, five o’clock shadows, and hoodies.’ Once a few start, the rest will follow, so fear not, our old Den crowd will return.

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