MAI okay?

Wednesday,Nov. 18: the International Day of Action against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. How many of you knew? How many of you cared?The Council of Canadians, a leading public action organization against the MAI, defines the MAI as an agreement, which provides for “…the movement of money across international borders by imposing a new set… Continue reading MAI okay?

Buy this

As I was walking through MacEwan Hall, I was approached by someone dressed completely in black. She gave me a piece of paper marked with the familiar eyeball embedded in a pyramid that appears on the back of the American one-dollar bill. This had a vague meaning to me.Nov. 27 was dedicated to curbing consumer… Continue reading Buy this

Not simply a gender issue

Editors, the GauntletRe: More than a Ribbon, Nov. 26, 1998,Marc Lepine is “one idiot with a gun” contrary to Ms. McNaughton’s assertion. Is Lepine a product of our society as McNaughton says? Absolutely. Is he the desired product? Absolutely not. Nobody is proud of what happened in Montreal on Dec. 6, man or woman. It… Continue reading Not simply a gender issue

A novel idea

"We’re poking a finger in the eye of Maclean’s!" Andrew Sherriff, Associate Editor & Special Advisor of Innovations: A Journal of Politics, triumphantly stated. "[Innovations] is an innovative venture that they don’t notice!"A new annual journal called Innovations was launched at the University of Calgary on Wed., Dec. 2 amidst a crowd feasting on wine… Continue reading A novel idea

SU pulls out of tuition consultation

The Students’ Union has voted to pull out of tuition consultation with the University of Calgary administration. The decision was made at Tuesday night’s Students’ Legislative Council meeting where council voted 14­1 in favour of withdrawing from the consultation in an attempt to stop a maximum tuition increase this year. The resolution was moved by… Continue reading SU pulls out of tuition consultation

SU goes to court

For those of you who thought the controversy surrounding the Reform Party on Campus was over, think again.On Fri., Nov. 28 the RPOC filed an application with Alberta Court of Queens Bench for a Judicial Review of the University of Calgary Students’ Union’s decision to withhold club privileges from the Reform club. A Judicial Review… Continue reading SU goes to court


Together, we help create change.December 6, 1989 : Marc Lepine entered L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montréal and separated the men from the women, opening Þre on all female students and killing 14 women. The Montréal massacre is remembered as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. A ceremony to remember the victims… Continue reading Remembrance

Recruiting in Canada

Legendary coach Pat Summit clenched her thighs, bracing against the next contraction . "I am not leaving until I get an answer!" she proclaimed. Summit was in the middle of a recruiting visit, she had flown halfway across the country, nine months pregnant, to recruit this woman for her University of Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Team;… Continue reading Recruiting in Canada