The lowdown on the Rundown

The review for an action/comedy movie starring The Rock, Stiffler and Christopher Walken should write itself. The casting choices are more transparent than those in the upcoming Jackie Chan/John Cleese/Schwarzenegger vehicle, as if the executives at Universal got together over drinks one night and asked each other, “Who are the most bankable but mismatched stars… Continue reading The lowdown on the Rundown

Buck 65 talks about change

Life has taken a major turn for Canada’s beloved Buck 65 since his milestone record deal with Warner Brothers. Just over a year ago, he often performed in small urban bars with bad sound systems, small audiences and little money. Today his music videos air on Much Music and it’s one sold-out show after another.… Continue reading Buck 65 talks about change

Can you trust the Snitches?

Scott Moodie is a nutjob, but then again so are the rest of the Snitches. Their performance at the Liberty Lounge Thu., Sept. 18, though played to a small crowd, incited something of a riot at the front of the stage. The music was loud and rambunctious and the energy they played with was absolutely… Continue reading Can you trust the Snitches?

Sex, drugs and jazz

Watch smoke curl in the air as it drifts across beams of light, illuminating a jazz quartet belting out cool jazz. Listen to a baby-faced trumpeter singing softly into the microphone, playing old standby pieces in a way that stops conversation cold. Chet Baker sang with a simplicity that made familiar songs ambiguous and enchanting,… Continue reading Sex, drugs and jazz

Meanwhile… in the mountains

With projection screens in the foreground and picturesque mountains in the background, what more could anyone ask for in a movie watching experience? If your answer is Vin Diesel, you probably would not have enjoyed the Seven Minute Film Fest. Once again showcasing the best, brightest and shortest in independent film, the Canmore Seven Minute… Continue reading Meanwhile… in the mountains

Anything Else?

A new genre is rising, Woody Allen for the boom’s echo. When you think Woody Allen, you think of a movie that baby boomers watch about people their age, being neurotic and doing what boomers do. Now, Allen has brought that to today’s generation with Anything Else, it’s our time to enjoy the Woody Allen… Continue reading Anything Else?

Fire Exit Theatre

There’s something about laughter that’s wonderful and powerful at the same time. Just ask Val Lieske, artistic director of Fire Exit Theatre. "I think theatre is a very powerful medium, especially comedy," she says. "It just has the power to have people come in to this dark room and share this common experience and to… Continue reading Fire Exit Theatre