Rape shield: Investigating section 276

The main criticism against section 276 of the criminal code, the rape-shield law, is that it supposedly hinders an individual from gaining information for full answer and defence in pretrial by preventing the accused from asking questions about a woman’s sexual history as outlined in sections 7 and 11 of the Canadian Charter of Rights… Continue reading Rape shield: Investigating section 276

Hot off the presses: Media biased

Did you hear some funny noises last week? It could have been the sound of local newspaper columnists honing their agendas and sharpening their axes for the five-week federal election grind. That sloppy slurping noise might have been the editors and publishers of the two local papers festooning the corporate altar with monsoon kisses. That… Continue reading Hot off the presses: Media biased

What’s your point?

I hate people who can’t argue.As far as I’m concerned, arguing is a healthy pastime everyone should indulge in. Having said that, I also believe there are a few prerequisites to be met if one wishes to air one’s views in intelligent company, the first and foremost that one knows what they are talking about.I… Continue reading What’s your point?

Can there be peace in the middle east?

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "War is not the answer," Oct. 12, 2000 Lawrence Bailey characterized Israel’s response to the Palestinian riots as a "Zionist temper tantrum" and an act of "blind aggression" by a "terrorist state." Like many others who have limited knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics, Bailey has been misguided by news… Continue reading Can there be peace in the middle east?