Campus Big Brother a true reality show

Now students have their own Campus Big Brother, thanks to the University of Calgary Students’ Union’s Political Action Week. Three student contestants will stay in the “What SUp Space,” located in the MacEwan Student Centre, for three straight days without the ability to leave, except for classes, showers, and to use the bathroom. Each contestant… Continue reading Campus Big Brother a true reality show

Haitian solidarity

Haitian people have suffered a history of almost constant violence and strife. Four years ago Canadian, French and U.S. forces, with support of the UN, held a military coup against the democratically elected then-leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Great debate surrounded the continuing involvement of foreign influences in Haiti’s government. The Canada Haiti Action Network is hosting… Continue reading Haitian solidarity

Calgary-Varsity hopefuls duke it out in front of students

With the Alberta provincial election fast approaching, Calgary-Varsity candidates were anxious to meet students and win their support. The Students’ Union hosted a forum for them to do just that Tue., Feb. 26.“The word ‘campaigning’ comes from the French word for war,” said Dr. David Taras, opening the forum. Alberta Progressive Conservative candidate Jennifer Diakiw… Continue reading Calgary-Varsity hopefuls duke it out in front of students

Talkin’ shop with Stelmach

Perhaps the province’s busiest man this month, Premier Ed Stelmach was on campus Tue., Feb. 19 to talk with NUTV.Gauntlet: This year, here at the U of C, tuition went up by $230 dollars per year for a full-time student. If elected, the Liberals have said that they would lower tuition by $1,000 a year.… Continue reading Talkin’ shop with Stelmach

[Cyber]space, the final frontier

The Internet has become one of the most popular media of communication in the world, allowing its users to develop, organize and exchange ideas. It has become a community that has its own dialect and etiquette, rules both written and unwritten. Many have come to love the freedom associated with the Internet. Anyone, anywhere at… Continue reading [Cyber]space, the final frontier

SU View: Nominations now being accepted for teaching excellence

Has a University of Calgary instructor inspired you? Is there a certain class you enjoy because the instructor is so enthusiastic about the material? Has a teacher gone beyond the call of duty to assist you in your academic and career goals? Well, you now have the chance to thank them appropriately. The Teaching Excellence… Continue reading SU View: Nominations now being accepted for teaching excellence