Online Exclusive: iCulture with Dr. Kathleen Scherf

By Andrew Kuzma

Welcome to the age of ego-casting, where information is available when and where you want it, and the best part: you never have to hear anything with which you disagree. On Tues. Sept. 26, Communications and Culture Dean Dr. Kathleen Scherf spoke about the revolutionary iPod and some of its cultural impacts as a part… Continue reading Online Exclusive: iCulture with Dr. Kathleen Scherf

Online Exclusive: Shout Out… A bunch of times

By Kenzie Love

Their debut album, Not Saying/Just Saying has been hailed for its innovative approach to the dance music genre; their live shows pulse with a contagious energy; and they reveal a refreshingly casual attitude towards fans. For fans in Calgarians, though, there’s a small snag: Shout Out Out Out Out reside in Edmonton, the city of… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Shout Out… A bunch of times

Online Exclusive: New exhibit ponders role of clothing in Muslim societies

By Andrew Kuzma

An enlightening exhibition that has been traveling the world opened this month at the University of Calgary.“Dress codes and modes–Women’s Dress in some Muslim Countries and Communities” is set up in the main gallery in the faculty of environmental design. The cultural exposé was created by Women Living Under Muslim Laws, an international organization working… Continue reading Online Exclusive: New exhibit ponders role of clothing in Muslim societies

Flamingo Challenge: Sweatin’ oldie

By Chris Beauchamp

Although the tests we’d received so far were challenging in their own ways­–apparently skills like being able to do consecutive push-ups deteriorate when not used for say, five years–what we were about to face was certainly more difficult and more fun than the strength exercises. Friendly Erica Enevold, an exercise physiology technician in the lab,… Continue reading Flamingo Challenge: Sweatin’ oldie

Not so small anymore

By Christian Louden

It starts as the beeps and boops remniscent of video games, segueing into smooth, electro-pop beats. It builds into the kind of head-bobbing, ass-shaking music that has indie kids tearing up dancefloors everywhere in their checkered skate shoes. This, of course, is the Junior Boys’ second critically acclaimed offering, So this is Goodbye. Now they’ve… Continue reading Not so small anymore

Spun: The Dunes

By Erla Low

The Dunes are a band embracing their past. The recent re-release of Socializing w/life has given them a chance to do something increasingly rare in music­–make an album that’s a delight from start to finish. The strength and consistency is something to marvel at when the art of focusing on singles and ignoring coherence is… Continue reading Spun: The Dunes

Spun: The Format

By Robin Ianson

The Format’s Dog Problems might just be the best thing to come out of Pheonix since, well, ever. Although the album is short on problems with dogs, it does feature plenty of clever, enjoyable songs. The record is jam-packed with all manner of musical instruments without ever feeling claustrophobic. Every song has a unique feel,… Continue reading Spun: The Format

Spun: Ember Swift

By Kevin de Vlaming

Listening to the latest of Ember Swift’s nine releases, it’s near-impossible to avoid grooving along to the mellow rhythms of the Ontario-based group. The band consists primarily of Ontario-born Swift and her B.C.-native musical counterpart Lyndell Montgomery, but also routinely features a diversified host of stand-in musicians who lend their creativity and talents to produce… Continue reading Spun: Ember Swift