The last supper

If I had to have a swan song, it would be “Blame It on the Rain” by Milli Vanilli off of their album Girl, You Know It’s True, because if everyone around me is slightly uncomfortable and confused when I die, I can maybe go out with a smirk on my face like I’ve always… Continue reading The last supper

The last supper

They tell me part of being a grownup is eventually settling down, becoming less boisterous, less bomabstic. Actually, only one person has ever explicitly told me that, but the sheer numberof times I’ve been deserted mid-sentence certainly seems to validate the hypothesis that this is what most of you assholes are thinking. Well, I’ve got… Continue reading The last supper

The last supper

Everyone knows that masturbation is pretty alright. Well, except for maybe a few Christians with exceptionally good vision, but it’s a pretty widely held fact within the rest of population. Thing is, it’s a little hard to unabashedly whack it in a room full of people, unless you’re a homeless exhibitionist. Then anything goes. I… Continue reading The last supper

Spinning hard drives

The world of music is like a revolving door. No other form of media has seen such radical changes in the way it is conceived, produced, delivered and experienced. Even within many of our lifetimes, music has surfaced in the forms of vinyl records, eight-track tape players, cassette tapes and compact discs. With the advent… Continue reading Spinning hard drives

Going from fan to fighter

The sport of mixed martial arts has grown in popularity in the United States for the past several years, to the point where pundits have touted organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship as more popular than boxing. That popularity has spread to Canada, where groups like the Maximum Fighting Championship, Hardcore Championship Fighting and TKO… Continue reading Going from fan to fighter

When feathers fly

Prominent in the history of many nations, cockfighting has largely been outlawed in western countries, with only a few localities refusing to outlaw the much reviled bloodsport. In Canada, participating in this dubious sport could land you some serious time in the pen. Cockfighting is a gaming institution in much of the world. It is… Continue reading When feathers fly

Sportspinions: yay playoffs!

Springtime in Calgary is a great time of year. It typically features sunshine, the end of school and slightly less snow than usual. It also signals the onset of the National Hockey League’s playoffs, which have featured the Calgary Flames for 19 of their 27 seasons in the NHL. Even during the years the Flames… Continue reading Sportspinions: yay playoffs!

SU View: It’s the final countdown…

This past year, your Students’ Union has been through it all. We’ve played nice, we’ve protested, we’ve had elections, we’ve financially supported a tonne of students and now we’re prepping for one of the best days of the year–BSD! Your SU exists to serve and represent students. We’ve advocated on your behalf by attending national… Continue reading SU View: It’s the final countdown…

The quest to be lucrative–not illegal

As the student population preps to get wildly–though with luck not criminally–drunk on Bermuda Shorts Day, a similar situation presents itself as a new private health clinic in Calgary aims to be lucrative, not illegal. The Copeman Healthcare Centre is set to open its doors in Calgary this coming fall. The clinic will cater to… Continue reading The quest to be lucrative–not illegal