Spun: Natacha Atlas

Arabic and European vocal virtuoso Natacha Atlas’s ninth recording is further proof that music is the universal language. Mounqaliba roughly translates from Arabic as “in a state of reversal” and has certain political connotations. Aside from several English language sound bite interludes from social theorist Peter Joseph, the entire album’s lyrics (save one cover song)… Continue reading Spun: Natacha Atlas

Spun: The Jezabels

Dark Storm is not for partying. It’s for the mellow 23-minute drive home after some party in south Calgary when, if you could only piece the night together, you’d remember to be embarrassed. Hayley Mary’s mournful vocals are easy enough on the hangover as she guides you through the night before. The melancholy EP starts… Continue reading Spun: The Jezabels

Spun: Cygnets

Bleak Anthems, the first full-length album from Edmonton’s electro indie pop ensemble Cygnets, is kind of like a dizzying amusement park ride — fun the first couple times but pretty soon you want off. The synth-driven melodies immediately summon up comparisons to new wave acts like Depeche Mode and the Cure, whereas the warbling, periodically… Continue reading Spun: Cygnets

Loss puts Dions out of playoffs

The Dinos women’s hockey team had mixed results this past weekend against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. They slept through the first period of the Oct. 22 game, ultimately lost 3-2 and then quickly came to life in the second game on Saturday scoring six goals and shutting out the Thunderbirds. “Players were not… Continue reading Loss puts Dions out of playoffs

Soccersaurs undefeated at home

It was a celebrated weekend for the University of Calgary Dinos men’s soccer team as they went undefeated on their home turf. The men’s soccer team has never gone undefeated at home before this season. The Dinos wrapped up the weekend with a much needed win over the University of Alberta Golden Bears 3-1. The… Continue reading Soccersaurs undefeated at home

Afghanistan’s leadership undermines NATO’s work

In a report recently released by Transparency International, Afghanistan found itself sandwiched between Somalia and Myanmar in the top three most corrupt countries in the world. Payments totalling millions of dollars in the form of cash wrapped in plastic bags traded hands from high-level Iranian officials to high-level Afghan officials. These payments are symptomatic of… Continue reading Afghanistan’s leadership undermines NATO’s work