Sometimes there is a wrong answer

By Richard Norman

I watched Oprah the other day. I do not watch her show regularly, but I am occasionally interested because Oprah seems to express some of the most popular spiritual and moral ideas. On the day that I watched, Oprah spoke with a writer, Gary Zukav, who explained various ways of resolving relational problems for couples.During… Continue reading Sometimes there is a wrong answer

Transfer payment travesty

By Editorial

Over the last seven years, Canada Health and Social Transfer payments suffered large cuts, putting the government’s priorities regarding health care, social services and post-secondary education in question. Many lobby groups called for increases both before and during the recent election and the Liberals (obviously knowing an election was imminent) responded with their infamous mini-budget,… Continue reading Transfer payment travesty

When the turkey eats me, I’ll look at the options

By Ruth Davenport

It’s that time of year again, the season of cheer and goodwill and peace among men (women reserve the right to catfights).It’s also the time of year when dinner tables abound with tasty comestibles; in my family, they’re typically of the meat variety. And today I issue fair warning to anyone of the vegetarian persuasion… Continue reading When the turkey eats me, I’ll look at the options

Change don’t come with redneck rule

By Lawrence Bailey

The more things change the more they stay the same. Another Liberal majority buoyed by Ontario and Quebec has taught us all a very good lesson. Regardless of small-town rhetoric, an agenda of gun-toting, tax-cutting, exclusionary intolerant clamoring won’t win hearts or minds outside the wild, wild West.A 104-seat deficit, no Ontario breakthrough and an… Continue reading Change don’t come with redneck rule