Spun: R.E.M.

By Peter Hemminger

For many people born during the ’80s, listening to alternative rock was a right of passage. It was during this time the genre exploded in popularity and gathered many fans, whether having been introduced to it by their parents, peers, or discovering it by themselves. R.E.M. are a stalwart in the genre. Over the last… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: tUnE-yArDs

By Remi Watts

On Feb. 11, tUnE-yArDs- epithet of the endlessly enigmatic and unconventionally gorgeous Merrill Garbus- dropped the single “Bizness” to the enthusiasm of ears far and wide. The eclectic and energetic song, available free on the tUnE-yArDs website, has built up exceptional anticipation regarding the upcoming album w h o k i l l, which is… Continue reading Spun: tUnE-yArDs

The enigmatic Jay Crocker

By Andy Williams

Jay Crocker’s homey studio, called the “Sea Shanty,” is a 10′ by 10′ shack hidden somewhere in the sprawling metropolis that is Calgary. The studio, loaded with a variety of strange instruments and recording devices, has gotten a lot of use lately. For the last few years, the enigmatic Crocker has been producing some of… Continue reading The enigmatic Jay Crocker

Insidious: scary without cashing in the gore card

By Erin Fox

Lately, it seems that true horror fans craving creepy cinema have had to choose between teenage slasher remakes or gratuitously gory films that rely on shock value and have little in the way of a narrative. It’s been a while since a movie was scary enough to warrant watching through your fingers. Don’t get me wrong,… Continue reading Insidious: scary without cashing in the gore card

Hooded Fang redefine do-it-yourself

By Taylor McKee

It seems all too often bands are eager to bemoan their city, country or circumstances. Hooded Fang, on the contrary, embrace their surroundings while sticking to their do-it-yourself approach that has given them creative control on the one hand and ultimate responsibility on the other. A seven piece band, consisting of members Daniel Lee, April… Continue reading Hooded Fang redefine do-it-yourself

How to climb the paywall

By Isaac Azuelos

Now that the Gauntlet — through our brilliant editorial — has successfully convinced you that paying for quality content is reasonable and that The New York Times’ paywall isn’t an act of evil, we’ll show you how to completely circumvent it. The paywall is surprisingly well thought-out, lacking the disconnect traditional media has always had… Continue reading How to climb the paywall