Spun: R.E.M.

For many people born during the ’80s, listening to alternative rock was a right of passage. It was during this time the genre exploded in popularity and gathered many fans, whether having been introduced to it by their parents, peers, or discovering it by themselves. R.E.M. are a stalwart in the genre. Over the last… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: tUnE-yArDs

On Feb. 11, tUnE-yArDs- epithet of the endlessly enigmatic and unconventionally gorgeous Merrill Garbus- dropped the single “Bizness” to the enthusiasm of ears far and wide. The eclectic and energetic song, available free on the tUnE-yArDs website, has built up exceptional anticipation regarding the upcoming album w h o k i l l, which is… Continue reading Spun: tUnE-yArDs

Spun: Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age have changed a lot over the past decade – frontman Josh Homme is currently the only remaining member of the California-based band, which has become a household name in rock. Despite the changes, when you get back to their self-titled album, you’re reminded that Queens of the Stone Age haven’t… Continue reading Spun: Queens of the Stone Age

CJSW Profile: Roger That

Roger Dueck takes to the radio every Monday afternoon to broadcast his well-edited sets of indie-everything. His show features artists from around the world, from local noise stars Women to New York’s LCD Soundsystem. If you like indie, you’ll like Roger That. G: Why indie in particular? R: It’s just the music that I really… Continue reading CJSW Profile: Roger That

The enigmatic Jay Crocker

Jay Crocker’s homey studio, called the “Sea Shanty,” is a 10′ by 10′ shack hidden somewhere in the sprawling metropolis that is Calgary. The studio, loaded with a variety of strange instruments and recording devices, has gotten a lot of use lately. For the last few years, the enigmatic Crocker has been producing some of… Continue reading The enigmatic Jay Crocker

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Momentum just keeps building for the Rural Alberta Advantage. Their debut LP, Hometowns, rode a slow building wave of success and ended up on several best-of lists for 2009. This year, the trio of Paul Banwatt, Nils Edenloff and Amy Cole returned with their sophomore effort Departing, a companion piece to their debut. “They are… Continue reading The Rural Alberta Advantage

How to climb the paywall

Now that the Gauntlet — through our brilliant editorial — has successfully convinced you that paying for quality content is reasonable and that The New York Times’ paywall isn’t an act of evil, we’ll show you how to completely circumvent it. The paywall is surprisingly well thought-out, lacking the disconnect traditional media has always had… Continue reading How to climb the paywall

Run, Amonn Nelson, run!

Amonn Nelson has been a leader of the Dinos sprint team for the past five years. At this year’s CIS track and field championships, she won her fourth consecutive gold medal in the 300-metre event and collected her first CIS female track athlete of the year award. The Gauntlet: Is it kind of cool as… Continue reading Run, Amonn Nelson, run!