Damn banks

I hate banks.Underneath the polished PR-droid surface, they’re big, bloated, unsightly and don’t give a rat’s ass about customers.With long line-ups, insensible "business" hours and more bank-by-phone menus than levels of hell, banking truly stretches the definition of any service industry. In fact, one might call them a disservice industry for all the annoyances they… Continue reading Damn banks

To martyr Osama

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ died for the sins of those who eventually came to believe in Him. Ever since, Christians have paid the highest respect and reverence to a man who was murdered on the authority of a dictator. Moreover, this same man was brutally crucified as an example to all those who… Continue reading To martyr Osama

The invisible victor

Osama bin Laden is winning the war.Not a war with bombs and blood, but a war where silent fears seize the United States. People are more aware they’re entering tall buildings; they suspect planes that are flying too low. The dark-skinned man in the parking lot must be a terrorist. There could be anthrax in… Continue reading The invisible victor

Cigarettes and superheroes

Smoking stinks and everybody knows it. So why do so many of us do it?Simple. Because we can and because it’s cool.Smokers are a social bunch, and being social is cool. We form crowds in bars and doorways while jealous non-smokers walk by wishing they had as many friends as we do. Research shows we… Continue reading Cigarettes and superheroes

Students Union pushes for no tuition increase

Tuition consultation is something that happens every year between the Students’ Union and university administration. The purpose of consultation is to make both sides aware of pressures students and the university face in terms of tuition. There is also a loosely stated goal of coming to agreement on an acceptable level of tuition increase to… Continue reading Students Union pushes for no tuition increase

WTO woes

We lived off rice and lentils, slept in a canvas tent under the cold October sky, trekked many miles and fought the harsh climate of the Alberta Rockies. The cameras were constantly on us as we struggled to achieve the ultimate goal. One million dollars? Not even close. The goal was to better understand the… Continue reading WTO woes

Freedom of speech is not negotiable

Free speech is something we, as Canadians, take for granted. With everything going on in the world, it is important that we are truly free to think and say what we want.Earlier this month, author Timothy Findley spoke at a downtown luncheon as part of the University of Calgary’s Markin-Flanagan Distinguished Visiting Writer lecture series.… Continue reading Freedom of speech is not negotiable