Who’s yo daddy?

By Kris Kotarski

George W. Bush is president. His dad was president. Call me old fashioned but I think it’s grand. Following in your father’s footsteps is something not enough people do. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people imitated George W. Bush.My father is a systems analyst for a geophysical company downtown. I… Continue reading Who’s yo daddy?

Afghan refugees exploited

By Lawrence Bailey

With declining foreign aid from governments the world over, someone needs to step in to make up the shortfall. That is why not-for-profit agencies like Shelter Now International, a relief group working with refugees in Afghanistan and elsewhere, are so important in restoring hope and enriching the lives of the oppressed and displaced the world… Continue reading Afghan refugees exploited

Emerging democracies more representative than our farcical system

By Вen Li

Democracy sucks. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, the “democratic” system practised today in Canada and just about every other Western nation is simply feudalism in a nicer package. To see this clearly, some introspection is necessary.Canada is ruled by Emperor Chrétien. Through his 13 great barons and his royal court of… Continue reading Emerging democracies more representative than our farcical system

Hop in Brew

By Andrew Ross

Talk about juxtaposition. The Hop In Brew fits in with the 1st Street clubs like Nelson Mandela fits in at an Alliance Party fund-raiser. Once a Victorian house, this fine establishment is easily recognized by the large sign reading, “PUB.” While the Hop In Brew has fairly quiet music and no dance floor, it has… Continue reading Hop in Brew

Bass Brothers

By Lawrence Bailey

Like coffee shops of the mid ’90s, sleek, trendy pubs with a wide range of imports and microbrews on tap are all the rage at the turn of the millennium. Bass Brothers, with locations in Kensington and Lincoln Park, does the trendy pub as a meeting place to perfection. Comfortable leather bench seats, bar stools… Continue reading Bass Brothers

Hose and Hound

By Matt Oakes

In an old fire hall in the heart of Inglewood lies the Hose and Hound. The ‘Hose’ attracts an eclectic crowd with its welcoming atmosphere and top notch bar staff. The excellent selection of liquids can keep a patron busy for hours while pool tables and dart boards offer alternate entertainment, if needed. Along with… Continue reading Hose and Hound

The Kensington Pub

By Lawrence Bailey

Remember Cheers? Remember the romantic ideal of a cozy neighbourhood pub with the same friendly staff, same friendly regulars and same great food, great drinks and great atmosphere? If you want all of that and more, just stroll on down to The Kensington Pub. The house turned bar tucked in behind Starbucks has been there… Continue reading The Kensington Pub