Rose & Crown Pub

It should surprise no one that the Rose & Crown Public House, located just off 17th Avenue, is a haven for yuppies who wish to revisit the past without actually going there. It’s a down-home pub feel with an upscale menu that caters to deep pockets. With that said, you get what you pay for—the… Continue reading Rose & Crown Pub

Morgan’s Pub

There are drinking establishments in this city which rightfully own reputations that precede them. Morgan’s Pub is one of those places.If you haven’t been there, don’t feel ashamed. You might not know where it is exactly, being at the far end of the legendary boulevard ‘o’ booze. Chances are you’ve walked or driven right past… Continue reading Morgan’s Pub


If you want to play pool, don’t go to Metro. Sure, they have tables, but when you try and aim the cue and it’s sure to get shoved by a drunken bar-star. If you want to talk, don’t go to Metro. Even the quietest of the three theme rooms is too loud to have a… Continue reading Metro

The Tazmanian Ballroom

This is not high school. It is no longer cool to carry weapons or drink coolers because they have a higher alcohol percentage. In the same breath, it is not cool to go the Tazmanian Ballroom. There once was a time when the Taz was a cool place to hang out, shoot pool, listen to… Continue reading The Tazmanian Ballroom

The Cherry Lounge

They look like a pair of sentinels guarding the entrance to the most happenin’ block in Calgary. They’re big, they’re red and they’re full of interesting curves which entice all who dare to gaze at them, male or female. You guessed it, they’re the big red cherries above the hallowed entrance of the Cherry Lounge.… Continue reading The Cherry Lounge


Ahh, the Palace. This converted movie theatre has perhaps the coolest layout of any nightspot in Calgary. A favorite haunt of U of C economics professor Wil Holden, the Palace is good bet for a great time, but only if you bring some earplugs. It really is a shame that a place with so much… Continue reading Detours


It seems every club takes a while to carve out its niche. Some create a new space and a new market in the Calgary nightlife, while others benefit from the demise of unsuccessful competition. The Embassy is an example of the latter. A basic no-name dance club for the first few years of its existence,… Continue reading Embassy

Bamboo Tiki Lounge

The name is almost right: the Beat Niq is indeed a Jazz club, but the dimensions of the room and the enthusiasm of the musicians who play there tend to preclude much socializing. The Beat Niq is a classic smoky, dimly lit jazz lounge perfect for sipping martinis and smoking cigars. Make no mistake: this… Continue reading Bamboo Tiki Lounge

The Vicious Circle

A getaway from the everyday, Vicious Circle is the Kit Kat of Calgary’s nightlife. It still gives you the same satisfaction but you can enjoy it over a long period of time. Not a major attraction for post-adolescents looking for a place to hang out after their pre-drinking at their parents’ house, Vicious is a… Continue reading The Vicious Circle

Auburn Saloon

Looking for a cool place to knock back a few martinis on a Friday night? Perhaps the Auburn Saloon is the answer to your problems. “What makes the Auburn unique,” says Gabi Grabowski, waitress and bartender at the saloon, “Is that people think of it as an upper class bar, but it can still satisfy… Continue reading Auburn Saloon