Preston to become VP Op-Fi

By Вen Li

Gavin Preston, incoming Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance, will have to pay $100 for violating an election bylaw in addition to penalties previously imposed. Unanimously on the evening of Thu., Apr. 17, the Students’ Union Tribunal largely reaffirmed the Review Board’s Mar. 23 decision to suspend Preston’s SU privileges until he takes office on… Continue reading Preston to become VP Op-Fi

Editor, the Gauntlet: Letters

By Dennis Kerber

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Letters: Anti-Americanism misguided,” March 27, 2003. I cannot help but say that the time Greg Clayton spent composing his letter would have been better spent educating himself on the realities and motives of the conflict. His letter provides nothing but the rhetoric available on the hourly CNN newscast. With some research… Continue reading Editor, the Gauntlet: Letters

Playing the ponies

By Nicole Kobie

Doing horsey-stuff in Calgary doesn’t necessarily mean heading to the city limits, stepping in poop and getting all smelly. It can also mean good clean fun like drinking cheap beer, gambling in two dollar increments and screaming at little people in silks.One of the more under-attended and under-appreciated facilities in Calgary is Stampede Park’s racetrack.… Continue reading Playing the ponies

A few of many places for summer regalement and relaxation

By Esther E. Steeves

Summer is definitely the best time of year in Calgary. No, you can’t ski and yes, the Den is dead every night of the week, but once the freak May blizzards stop and the snow melts, the town transforms. Never ending prairie sunshine hits the city with enough intensity to make even the pavement sweat… Continue reading A few of many places for summer regalement and relaxation