Les Nubians, One Step Forward

With One Step Forward, Parisian hip-hop/R&B duo Les Nubians have crafted an album that even the hardened anglophone can enjoy. Granted, some of the songs are in French and the girls’ English is somewhat accented, but it’s definitely nothing you can’t easily overlook. This album represents a diverse collection of musical styles, ranging from reggae… Continue reading Les Nubians, One Step Forward

Beckham scores once again

Bend It Like Beckham is a family, cross-cultural, girl-power, inspirational-coming-of-age, romantic, British, comedy sports film. It satisfies all of the stereotypes associated with these genres, but is not painful to watch; rather, it is an entertaining film, though thoroughly predictable. The only surprise is that the film actually works: the archetypal characters are fleshed-out enough… Continue reading Beckham scores once again

Frank Black

Where does one begin when interviewing Frank Black? The man is a musical icon. He’s been releasing albums and touring since 1987. He is responsible, if you trace it back far enough, for the surge in popularity of underground music in the early 1990s. He’s been the lead creative force behind the Pixies, one of… Continue reading Frank Black