Mutiny in the Senate

The left may have finally succeeded in thwarting the good intentions of George W. Bush’s administration.Turncoat Senator James Jeffords from Vermont, formerly of the Grand Old Party, is now sitting as an Independent and aligning himself with the Democrats. His departure does not come in time to block Dubya’s trillion-dollar tax cut, but it will… Continue reading Mutiny in the Senate

For whom the bell tolls

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, democracy just doesn’t work. In its purest form, the will of the people can, and quite often will, lead us astray. That is why we have political parties and why those parties, in turn, have leaders.The idea of a grassroots party, a party truly of the people,… Continue reading For whom the bell tolls

IR article draws ire

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Problems on the home front" May. 17, 2001 I would like to make it clear that the Department of Political Science was one of the key departments that helped found the Faculty of Social Sciences BA in International Relations. The Department strongly supports the development of this new degree program and… Continue reading IR article draws ire

Burn one down

Amidst heightening calls for the decriminalization of marijuana this week, only Jean Chrétien and the Canadian Police Association would have you believe decriminalization constitutes a slippery slope towards moral degradation. The CPA’s stance diverges from its sister organizations, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Both the CACP and… Continue reading Burn one down

McGoogan leaves John Rae a mystery

Let’s be honest, our awareness of the Canadian northern region doesn’t extend much farther than Edmonton. Frankly, it’s too damn cold to contemplate but oddly enough the Arctic is a defining Canadian characteristic. Back in the day of stylish beaver hats and pre-Confederation, any British explorer with enough tea and a sturdy ship was hell-bent… Continue reading McGoogan leaves John Rae a mystery

Unraveling old school punk

Being the new kid on the punk scene isn’t always a bad thing, explains Rise Against guitarist Dan Wleklinski. "Being a new band, I think a lot of people are starving for new things," says Wleklinski, also known as Mr. Precision. Wleklinski started Rise Against in 1999 with former 88 Fingers Louie bandmate, bassist Joe… Continue reading Unraveling old school punk

Pop-music gets a history lesson

Moulin Rouge is captivating. The decadent, richly-coloured musical is visually and aurally breathtaking. Action and movement–from face-high ruffled kicks to quick-stepping dancers–constantly fill the screen while favourite rearranged popular songs shock and delight viewers. However there is something more surprising, more captivating. Ewan McGregor can sing. Director Baz Luhrmann creates an opulent stage for McGregor… Continue reading Pop-music gets a history lesson

Local theatre spices up Pumphouse

Local theatre company Maple Salsa’s latest production is more about "fucking" than anything else, according to University of Calgary graduate student and producer Ryan Beck. Co-director Anthony Gerbrandt concurs. "I guess the play is about relationships and what role sex plays," says Gerbrandt of The Blue Room. "[It’s] why we search for what we’re searching… Continue reading Local theatre spices up Pumphouse

Career Services under new management

Though impressive resumés abound at the University of Calgary’s Career Services office, new director Craig Fortner is well qualified to provide a full facelift. Students can expect changes in the Career Services office under Fortner’s guidance. Because Career Services is currently located in the Kinesiology building, many students are not aware of the services they… Continue reading Career Services under new management