Crime-fighting’s new wheels

Campus Security bike officers are kicking into high gear. Ten members of the University of Calgary Campus Security Bicycle Unit spent two days over May 27-28 learning the skills required for effective bike patrolling. The training was coordinated by Bike Unit Coordinator Tania Simister and conducted by Sgt. Kevin deVillenfagne, head of the Calgary Police… Continue reading Crime-fighting’s new wheels

Cutting presidential ties

The first title in a row of books of questionable value is the John F. Kennedy narrative, Death of a President by William Manchester. Fitting, I think, as I peruse the garage sale of soon to be ex-University of Calgary president, Terry White. I somehow expected more than ancient pots and pans and peculiar knick-knacks… Continue reading Cutting presidential ties

Nod to chiropractors

Do you think the hard benches, tiny desks and uncomfortable chairs at the University of Calgary are bad for your back? Fear not. U of C has just been awarded Canada’s first ever chiropractic chair and it’s not quite what it sounds. Dr. Greg Kawchuk, Senior Chiropractor and Director of Chiropractic Residencies at University Health… Continue reading Nod to chiropractors

A haven for green thumbs

Students concerned over the loss of campus green space to construction should take heart, as the University of Calgary has acquired a community garden. The creation of the "Campus Community Garden" is the result of a proposal submitted to the 2001 President’s Challenge contest. The proposal, submitted by students Christy Bryceland, Erin Despard and Yori… Continue reading A haven for green thumbs

U of C invaded

What if they declared a war and no one came? Though no one really knows the answer, over 400 people converged on the University of Calgary last weekend to argue about it. From May 24-26, the U of C played host to the annual conference of the Society for Military History, considered a great success… Continue reading U of C invaded

Costly consumption

Get ready for one of the most expensive summers on record–and it won’t be because you go stampeding, it will be how you’re getting there. With the recent surge in gasoline prices, a little pain at the pump this summer might be the first in a series of signs heralding less energy usage in North… Continue reading Costly consumption

The new oppressors

As a nation, Israel has a victim complex. While history may support this, the physical and cultural destruction is now being carried out by Israel and not against it.When the state of Israel was formed, the Holocaust was a catalyst. However, Israel as we know it was the result of a nationalist movement dating back… Continue reading The new oppressors

Canada gets double dose of Dino

There are two distinct scenarios. One: After being named to the Canadian national women’s volleyball squad, Dinos power hitter Krista Kinsman became too big for a worthless two-bit rag like your beloved Gauntlet. She let all the fame and fortune go to her head, dyed her hair purple with orange streaks, started kicking courtside cameramen… Continue reading Canada gets double dose of Dino

Tammy Raybould’s diary

Tammy Raybould came all the way to Calgary to make you her fan. Originally from Ottawa, the pop/rock singer headed west three months ago to continue building her fan base–something she had no trouble doing out east thanks to her song "Loving You," from her latest album, Maybe. Currently on a solo tour featuring herself… Continue reading Tammy Raybould’s diary

Sex, drugs and Nashville Pussy

Dripping wet and fresh out of the shower, Ruyter Suys (pronounced Rider Size) is eager to yak. Not surprisingly, Nashville Pussy’s guitarist is less concerned about getting dressed than she is discussing my first time. When informed of my single Nashville Pussy viewing, Suys reassures me in her sultry come-on voice: "We’ll just try to… Continue reading Sex, drugs and Nashville Pussy