Spun: Mint Royale

The aptly-named Mint Royale creates music that is fresh, innovative and beautifully refined. See you in the Morning has the effect of a warm bath–it leaves you feeling clean, rejuvenated and refreshed. Spanning the palette of dance, electronica and acid jazz, the album is positively uplifting, though overbearing at times. Listeners that aren’t ready for… Continue reading Spun: Mint Royale

Spun: Katie Melua

England’s Katie Melua has become a huge success in Europe with her debut album Call off the Search selling millions of copies in several countries. Her latest attempt, Piece By Piece is a commercially calculated follow-up release which debuted at number one in the UK album charts, proving once again that there’s just no accounting… Continue reading Spun: Katie Melua

Spun: Elefant

In 1986 they would have been in their element, in 1996 they would have been passe, and in 2006 they’re destined to be one of the hottest retro ’80s bands of the new millennium. Elefant has joined the ranks of several new bands in a revolution bent on reminding the world why ’80s music kicked… Continue reading Spun: Elefant

Spun: The Charlatans UK

After almost two decades of making music together, one would expect The Charlatans UK to have firmly carved out a musical niche. Though their sound remained constant for the better part of a dozen years, 2004’s up At The Lake signalled a shift in direction for the English quintet, sounding more like dance music than… Continue reading Spun: The Charlatans UK

A Starr Named Kinnie

Despite what she may say to the contrary, there’s something more to Kinnie Starr’s music than the indie/trip-hop/ jazz/whatever it’s often described as. A Calgary native who cites her brothers’ friends and her father’s clients as influences, whose lyrics are not only a mish-mash of themes but languages as well, Starr’s speech is about as… Continue reading A Starr Named Kinnie

The travelling bandwagon moves up Hwy 2

Numerous Edmonton Oilers car flags were visible on Calgary’s roadways throughout the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs. These flags weren’t there before, and chances are they aren’t around now that the Oilers are finished, raising the question of where all these Edmonton Oilers fans came from. Perhaps they were transplanted Edmontonians showing pride for the Chuck.… Continue reading The travelling bandwagon moves up Hwy 2

Happy Aboriginal Day!

Though the tipi raising to celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21 was cancelled, due to stormy skies, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate First Nations culture on and around the university campus. “In 1971 we had one [First Nations] graduate,” said Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, administrative coordinator for the Native Centre on campus and a… Continue reading Happy Aboriginal Day!

A bicycle built for U

Tired of walking to class? Then put your legs to good use and pedal there instead. The University of Calgary’s U-bike program provides the campus with bicycles for public use. The bikes are scattered around campus and are available free of charge to ride on university grounds. Bikes are picked up from the racks, used… Continue reading A bicycle built for U