Spun: Mint Royale

The aptly-named Mint Royale creates music that is fresh, innovative and beautifully refined. See you in the Morning has the effect of a warm bath–it leaves you feeling clean, rejuvenated and refreshed. Spanning the palette of dance, electronica and acid jazz, the album is positively uplifting, though overbearing at times. Listeners that aren’t ready for the non-stop journey through poppy loops, exuberant vocals and upbeat dance grooves should be warned that See you in the Morning can be a lot to swallow, especially for those with a weak stomach for cheese.

To their credit, the band has managed to hit some remarkable musical milestones. Each song yields a specific vibe, and no track sounds out of place in the mix. See you in the Morning steps beyond typical albums in its genre with inventive use of samples and varied vocal contributions. From the soulful singing of “The Effect on Me” to the pristine raps of “Something New,” there is never a dull moment. “Rest Your Head” is the perfect outro, as it slows down the momentum and sends you out with sweet humming and spoken apologies. You’ll want to go to sleep, not because you’re bored, but because you’re perfectly relaxed.

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