News Brief: TEDTalks at U of C

Vice president student life Matt Diteljan is planning on bringing TEDx Talks to the U of C. TEDx Talks feature local speakers with wisdom to share. Linked to the larger organization of TEDTalks, an online website where you can watch talks from people with “ideas worth spreading.” TEDTalks began in 1996 by American magazine publisher… Continue reading News Brief: TEDTalks at U of C

Recycle, or go folk yourself

As the Calgary Folk Music Festival turned 31 years old last week, it showed it’s still capable of introducing attendees to new ideas, musical or otherwise. This year the Folk Fest yet again increased the number of eco-initiatives at the festival. One volunteer said the eco-friendly culture of Folk Fest had a major impact on… Continue reading Recycle, or go folk yourself

Indie-folk duo Tasseomancy shift name and tea leaves

Borrowing their name from their great-great-grandmother’s practice of tea leaf reading, Tasseomancy sews together musical divinations out of soft note bends and lightly-plucked guitar. Formerly performing under the name Ghost Bees, Tasseomancy began in Halifax and is comprised of sisters Romy and Sari Lightman. Three years after their first appearance at Sled Island, the duo… Continue reading Indie-folk duo Tasseomancy shift name and tea leaves

The story of Freezer Burn

June 24,25 and 26. Where were you? Lemme’ guess: Sled Island, shelling out shit-loads of coin just to bear witness to the throngs of young suburbanites struggling to out-cool and one-up one another. So where should you have been instead? Alberta Regional Burning Man’s 4th annual Freezer Burn festival. As Calgarians, we have the luck… Continue reading The story of Freezer Burn

The Cost of Graffiti

Graffiti is something that has been around for millennia, ever since prehistoric humans first picked up their sticks and smeared some pigment on the wall of their cave. The appeal of marking an area with something that represents you and asserts your dominance over the territory is an animal instinct that is not restricted to… Continue reading The Cost of Graffiti

Online Exclusive: The Nancees

Between sorting cotton blend T-shirts and opening for the Dum Dum Girls, Jordan Kierstead, Alex Judge, Tyler Arndt and Marcel Vollet have come far. Since their respective stints in American Apparel’s stockroom, the four formed The Nancees on a chassis of simple influences: drinking, garage music, and most of all, girls. Or, as Kierstead and… Continue reading Online Exclusive: The Nancees