Down wit’ da dog

By Fifi Enyi

Drugs, sex, money, guns, and profanity is what you would expect from your typical rap cd. Well, Snoop Dogg does not deviate from the norm. What distinguishes this cd from others of its genre is that executive producer, Master P, combines his own musical finesse with that of Snoops’ to yield a more enjoyable and… Continue reading Down wit’ da dog

Mad as a hatter

By Erin Ryan-Walsh

Shear Madness holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running non-musical play in American Theatre. Director John Paul Fischbach describes it perfectly as "part murder-mystery, part high-speed precision farce, and part improvisation." World famous pianist Isabelle Czerny is murdered in her apartment above Kensington’s Shear Madness hair salon. Anyone… Continue reading Mad as a hatter

Absolut theatre

By Jocelyn Grosse

In the twilight of the Cold War, a group of Russians search for a new direction. They journey terrain stretching across their motherland, from Moscow to the outskirts of Siberia. As they travel, they question whether it is better for them to follow their heads or their hearts. This is Tony Kushner’s Slavs!; Thinking About… Continue reading Absolut theatre

Confer, reconcile

By Bonnie Leung

Can we ever solve the crisis in Kosovo? Is reconciliation possible?From June 2-6, the University of Calgary will hold an international conference to examine the issues of reconciliation in the world today. The conference will explore issues such as the crisis in Kosovo; black South Africans and their white neighbours; Cambodia and its past; aboriginals… Continue reading Confer, reconcile

Hannah Murray censured

By Mary Chan

A Tribunal ruling has wrapped up protracted proceedings stemming back to last Spring’s Students’ Union General Election.The Students’ Union Tribunal has reversed a Review Board decision, ruling that student Hannah Murray contravened SU election bylaws. Murray distributed and posted materials during the 1999 SU General Election accusing presidential candidate David Quayat of sexual harassment. Quayat… Continue reading Hannah Murray censured

Edulix established

By Mary Chan

Starting May 1, Edulinx will administer government student loans with hopes of increasing the number of institutions in the lending business. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce has set up the new student loan service bureau to handle administration of government student loans, though CIBC will still oversee its student loan portfolio."The lender (the bank)… Continue reading Edulix established

Universal library card

By Cameron Baughen

In the near future, a new library card may reduce the number of cards you’ll have to cart around in your wallet or purse.Starting in September, University of Calgary students with a clean library record will be able to obtain an Alberta Library Card, which lets holders access member libraries throughout Alberta. Manager of Access… Continue reading Universal library card

COVER STORY: New Learning Ministry

By Collin Gallant

Student leaders fear their concerns will be unheard under the banner of the hulking new "Superministry" of Learning.Announced at last Wednesday’s Alberta Government cabinet shuffle, the new ministry will amalgamate kindergarten to post-secondary education into one portfolio, with former Minister of Family and Social Services Lyle Oberg (right) at the helm. Oberg’s new Ministry of… Continue reading COVER STORY: New Learning Ministry

A novel spin on basketball

By Jan Creaser

In a sport usually dominated by long-legged athletes who jog easily from one end of the court to the other, the addition of wheels adds a new dimension to the dynamics of basketball. Last weekend, athletes from across the country participated in the 1999 Canadian National Wheelchair Basketball Championships at the University of Calgary. The… Continue reading A novel spin on basketball