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Art through a new lens

By James Keller

With publications like Fast Forward and the Calgary Straight around the city, it seems that Calgary has more than enough arts material floating around. However, according to Bemused Editor Jocelyn Grossé, there’s still a voice missing from the big players in Calgary arts media. "It’s an arts magazine with a different angle," begins Grossé, who… Continue reading Art through a new lens

On the fringe of cancellation

By Jocelyn Grosse

Theatre enthusiasts may have to wait another year before Calgary produces its first fringe theatre festival. Festival organizers are currently short almost half the money they need to proceed. Although things have looked up since the organizers sent out a press release last week outlining their Þnancial difficulty, nothing will be conÞrmed until this Thursday… Continue reading On the fringe of cancellation

PETA protests mare estrogen in drugs

By Jocelyn Grosse

Fourteen protesters (one dressed as a horse) gathered in front of a pharmaceutical store in Calgary’s downtown core on Mon., June 14. They delivered pamphlets, letters and a fictitious yellow-coloured beverage called “Tinkle” to people walking by. The cause of this protest? The menopausal drug Premarin.According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Premarin,… Continue reading PETA protests mare estrogen in drugs

Angels in Canada

By Jocelyn Grosse

You are Tony Kushner, American playwright, socialist, and gay rights activist. Your work deals with serious issues confronting Americans, including the AIDS crisis, the effects of Reganomics, and the enfranchisement of homosexuals. Your work, "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches", which draws from both your Jewish roots and socialist beliefs, has won you numerous awards and… Continue reading Angels in Canada

Absolut theatre

By Jocelyn Grosse

In the twilight of the Cold War, a group of Russians search for a new direction. They journey terrain stretching across their motherland, from Moscow to the outskirts of Siberia. As they travel, they question whether it is better for them to follow their heads or their hearts. This is Tony Kushner’s Slavs!; Thinking About… Continue reading Absolut theatre

Something’s Manifesting

By Jocelyn Grosse

“Art is a lie that helps us realize the truth.”– Pablo PicassoThose are the words I could choose to help me describe the 1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition. The pieces in The Something Manifesto include mediums ranging from studio photography, oil and acrylic painting, and clay and metal sculpture. Although it is difficult… Continue reading Something’s Manifesting