Vanier Cup autopsy

QUEBEC CITY- Bang. Fizzle. 
Many of the Dinos football team had already begun the long, cold walk to the locker room at PEPS stadium in Quebec City. Some waited behind, stopping to stare at the fireworks that lit up the darkening sky, marking the end of the 2009 Vanier Cup. Fireworks, seemingly meant for them… Continue reading Vanier Cup autopsy

Spun: Katy Perry

For some pop artists, there’s nothing scarier than a live performance or an unplugged album. After all, a large proportion of pop music is bolstered by technical wizardry and wacky digital effects. Since 1989, MTV Unplugged has taken popular musicians and thrust them into the acoustic limelight, often shocking audiences and listeners alike with how… Continue reading Spun: Katy Perry

Spun: Kings of Convenience

For Kings of Convenience, it sure is hard to put out an album. Declaration of Dependence is the Norwegian indie-folk duo’s first full-length offering since 2004’s critically acclaimed Riot on an Empty Street. The duo has split-up, reunited, been on hiatus and toured infrequently, but when they do find the time to make music together,… Continue reading Spun: Kings of Convenience

Spun: The Swell Season

After 2007’s Academy Award-winning song “Falling Slowly” became an international folk hit, there was nowhere to go but down for love-struck duo the Swell Season. It was the Irish musical Once which catapulted the scruffy Glen Hansard and girlfriend Marketa Irglova to a new level of unexpected middle-aged fame. With more eyes on the duo… Continue reading Spun: The Swell Season

Crows Mob the stage in latest show

The Mob, book one in drama department head Clem Martini’s Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles trilogy, is a mult-ifaceted novel now adapted to the stage by the University of Calgary drama department. The play showcases many parallels between humans and crows. It delves into society as a whole and causes viewers to re-examine themselves… Continue reading Crows Mob the stage in latest show

40 years of Dance Montage

The last time Anne Flynn was the artistic director of Dance Montage in 1995, most of the student dancers in this year’s show were still in elementary school. After previous artistic director Dawn Dymond moved to the United States with her family, University of Calgary dance professor Flynn wasn’t intimidated about going back to the… Continue reading 40 years of Dance Montage

Calgary community test site for free Wi-Fi

Lucky students living in the northwest neighbourhood of Hawkwood can now access free Wi-Fi, with no “wires” attached. In the past, students would need to visit the university campus, the Calgary airport or Starbucks for free wireless. But now a local wireless company, Naeco, is installing 23 phonebook-sized Internet nodes in the community on top… Continue reading Calgary community test site for free Wi-Fi