Research Profile: Boredom is good for you

Boredom can be seen, felt, and heard throughout the university. The expressionless faces on students in the halls, the slouchy classmates hunched over desks, and the sighs and yawns that bounce around faculty offices. However, University of Calgary Greek and Roman Studies professor Peter Toohey has brought mindfulness to boredom, causing much excitement in the… Continue reading Research Profile: Boredom is good for you

Student Refugee Program expands

“Without the program I wouldn’t have come to Canada. I really appreciate it,” said Tuyisenge Celestin in a Gauntlet interview last year. Celestin arrived in Canada last fall thanks to sponsorship by the Student Refugee Program­– a collaboration between the University of Calgary and Students’ Union club World University Services of Canada. “Sometimes I miss… Continue reading Student Refugee Program expands

All the hits and too many tits

Amp 90.3 is a radio station that knows what women want: sultry come-grab-me breasts. This summer, hundreds of women will participate in the radio station’s contest “breast summer ever,” in order for the chance to win a $10,000 breast augmentation — follow up surgery, treatment and any extra costs must be covered by the contest… Continue reading All the hits and too many tits

Young Ones put on their big boy pants for Sled Island, round two

Although they get their name from the title of an underground British sitcom, the sound of Young Ones is far from scripted. A group of four friends with diverse musical backgrounds, this Calgary band melds their varying tastes to create a sound that’s as harmonic and mellow as it is punk-rock.In recent months, the indie… Continue reading Young Ones put on their big boy pants for Sled Island, round two

Two Bicycles

Think back to your favourite story. What made it so great? The nail-biting plot? The swoon-worthy hero?But what if all the words were removed? Most would say that you would be left with a blank page and no story. For one musician, however, this presents the opportunity to tell a story through another, less tangible… Continue reading Two Bicycles


Don’t be put off by the abrasive moniker. STRFKR might roughen up your sense of vernacular propriety, but they’ll smooth out the ripples in your eardrums. The American quartet is “Starfucker” to your friends and “STRFKR” to your mom, and it’s clear that they don’t need the vowels to round out their distinctive blend of… Continue reading STRFKR